Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 10 “Call Not Complete” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Since season 1, everyone has had some issues with Grace leaving and how that held them back. But it seems the frustration Kerissa has long been willing to share is coming out of other people’s mouths now. Leading you to wonder, as cracks in the family start to show, can they survive each other?

The Single Life: Charity, Aaron, Zora, Sophia

With Kevin gone and not picking up his phone, Charity is a bit of a mess. For while her family has a house keeper, she doesn’t live at the mansion. Meaning, Charity is often on her own when it comes to Nathan. But she isn’t the only one missing Kevin. Aaron too is missing him and seemingly may know where he is. So with that in mind, and his business fighting off Basie Skanks over, he plans to exit Cavalry.

As for the kids? Sophia tries to hook up Zora with a good guy, but he is too boring for her. On top of that, she isn’t just looking for a good boyfriend but also someone who seemingly is into the kind of trouble she likes to get into. So, let’s call this one a swing and a miss for Sophia.

But, she may not have to worry about Zora for long. For if she was serious about dropping Zora if she gets back with Isaiah, it may be time to put up or shut up. If only because the boy is in constant contact with Zora and shouts out Jacob’s Go Fund Me page for his new church. An appreciated gesture.


So it wasn’t a suicide note but just letting Charity know he can’t do this any longer. Leading him to disappear to likely his momma’s house. After all, where else is the boy going to go? All his money comes from Cavalry and outside of that white preacher dude from season 1, any friends he has probably is part of the congregation. So unless he has retreated to his first temptation, to momma’s house he likely went [note]Plus, with her talking about how he has changed and abandoned her, it would make the most sense to rediscover himself with aide from his momma. [/note].

As for Zora and Sophia? I don’t know why but I get the vibes Isaiah is going to do something messed up when Zora eventually gets back with him. Be it trying to trap her by getting her pregnant or have another outburst which goes beyond being verbal. For if there is one thing I’m picking up when it comes to Greenleaf, it is that the show loves drama. The kind which is soap opera-ish.

Meaning, what will happen with Kevin and Zora is going to be so dramatic. I just hope it won’t be eye roll worthy but rather brings tears to viewers’ eyes.

Paying Your Dues: Jacob, Kerissa, Charity, Grace, James

The lord has told Jacob to start a church, so he does so across from Cavalry. However, his church is without walls or a ceiling, no fancy glass, and without a mic or amp. He speaks to the people and gives bread in the most basic way, Jacob. Something which leads to outright support from Zora, but a bit of caution from everyone else.

For Kerissa, she is looking for something more traditional since she has no desire for her check to be the only real one in the house. Then for James, being that he just won his battle against Basie, now to have one against his son makes it seem his troubles never end.

Though, with a $10,000 check from one Ms. Rochelle Cross (LeToya Luckett), it seems James Greenleaf may have found some real trouble. If only because his charm doesn’t seem to be taken in a sweet old southern man kind of way. There could be something else there. Something James knows he can’t handle and surely doesn’t want to deal with. Never mind have Mae find out or deal with.

Leaving perhaps what can be considered a major event: Damn near everyone coming after Grace. Though, I should note, she triggered it. You see, it all began with it seeming like Grace wanted to hang out with her little sister Charity. However, what it evolves into is her trying to setup an out for herself to go to New York possibly. With that in mind, everyone gets pissed. Especially Kerissa since she has been venting to Jacob for a while and has been presented with an opportunity to talk to one of the sources of her troubles — Hallelujah!

So, between her, Charity and Jacob, they note how Grace’s return shook up and drastically changed their lives. Especially after being away 20 years. Charity especially gets upset for in the pursuit of pushing Jacob to take Grace’s job, Charity gets thrown under the bus. If only because her starting to have a life outside of Cavalry causes an inconvenience for Grace’s smooth exit.

Leading to Charity reminding Grace that she and Jacob paid their dues to the family. They showed up when they didn’t want to, and tried to fill up the space that Grace left. Yet, both Charity and Jacob had to accept neither would ever be good enough. So for Grace to hem and haw because things are getting hard, because of things she did, there is no desire to convey sympathy. She has spent, what? A year compared to everyone else doing 20 to life. It’s time for her to pick up the slack. [note]I should also note that just before Grace tries to create an out for herself, Charity outs Kevin to everyone.[/note]


Let me say this, if they have James Greenleaf have an affair I’m flipping a virtual table. For even though I get they are trying to show how money is the root of all evil and how it will taint James, but the lack of it will free Jacob, can we not go there? Bad enough we know Mae flirted with the idea of going with Aaron’s daddy, but this too?

Possibilities of infidelity aside, I was thoroughly enjoying everyone telling off Grace. Mostly because I could understand their frustration, especially Kerissa’s. That woman’s life has been drastically changed based off the whims of Grace. She decides to get back into preaching, that becomes a factor in Jacob being pushed out of Calvary. So with her now seeming like she’d willing just give up the job to go to New York? Does that mean all Kerissa went through was for nothing?

But oh, Charity takes the cake with telling Grace off. Especially when she makes it sound like this family business has left everyone trapped and now it is Grace’s turn to do her time. Never mind the idea that they suffered because they felt obligated to stay by their parents side as Grace got to live her life.

Leading me to wonder, what would happen to Cavalry if Grace doesn’t get guilt-ridden and still pursues doing her own thing? The bishop is clearly within a few years of retiring and with Jacob doing his own thing, Charity trying to really dive head first into music, who would take over? Well, with that in mind, perhaps that is where Basie would come in. He seems petty enough to use the family drama to show James as an inept preacher.

Come Together: Lady Mae, James, Grace, Darius

Lady Mae leaving Mavis a message.

One of the reasons Grace is tempted to abandon ship is because Darius is talking about moving to New York, Grace’s original destination back in season 1. However, with him saying he isn’t going, that may calm her need to kick rocks. Yet, with giving him her story on Mac’s murder, and considering she is already skipping church to avoid the gossip, no one should feel secure in the idea of her sticking with Cavalry just yet. At least, after Sophia graduates.

Though, her sticking around, if just for her mother’s sakes, is asked of her by James. For while the two have had their differences, Lady Mae still loves her daughter — no matter how difficult she sometimes makes the tasks. And with her having to scatter her little brother’s ashes, she needs the support of all her family [note]Mavis she is still getting the voice mail of.[/note]. Making Grace showing up a true blessing. One greatly appreciated.


Okay, maybe Grace isn’t going to be haunted by the voice of Mac. Which is a bit of a blessing. Yet, with the Mac chapter closed still leaves the question of what is next? Thus far, it seems like a lot of soap opera storylines are coming to Greenleaf ranging from cheating, unhealthy teen relationships, and of course family drama. Which I’m not saying will lead to lackluster storylines. However, I must admit with the show seemingly decentralizing its storylines, I am a bit worried.



  • Grace’s siblings telling her how they truly feel about her.
  • Darius and Grace seemingly defining their relationship.

Low Points

On The Fence

  • Where Zora’s storyline may go.
  • What may happen between Ms. Cross and Bishop Greenleaf

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