Despite the tagline being “Heroes Rise,” the only reason to really watch Gotham is its villains. Of which, we get to watch the (re)birth of a fan favorite. Well, in part. Welcome to the Court: Jim Gordon, Nygma, Barbara, Tabitha Killing his uncle wasn’t enough for Kathryn. After all, they didn’t ask him to do…

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Despite the tagline being “Heroes Rise,” the only reason to really watch Gotham is its villains. Of which, we get to watch the (re)birth of a fan favorite. Well, in part.

Welcome to the Court: Jim Gordon, Nygma, Barbara, Tabitha

Killing his uncle wasn’t enough for Kathryn. After all, they didn’t ask him to do it. However, with Nygma, with some help from Barbara, try to force Mayor Abner to reveal the Court of Owls on the evening news, so comes the time to prove himself. So, with help from Tabitha, who is upset Barbara didn’t give her the opportunity to get her revenge on Nygma, Jim delivers Nygma to Kathryn. Thus leading to, who knows what fate for Nygma, but a seat at the table for Jim.


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I’m going to spend no significant time on Jim since my feelings remain unchanged. However, with Riddler, that dude is so flamboyant with his strut that it is almost comical. Making Kathryn taking him in, perhaps considering him an asset, quite an interesting thought. If only because it seemed she’d rather kill him because he seems too ambitious and perhaps not easily controlled. Though, as she implies, it is the mystery that makes things interesting. So with Kathryn still just being the mouthpiece of The Court of Owls, it really leads you to wonder what she plans for everyone. Not just Jim, Nygma, and maybe Barbara down the line, but even Bruce. But more on that later.

Freak Show: Penguin, Dr. Fries [Nathan Darrow], Bridgit [Camila Perez], and Ivy

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For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, Ivy knows where Dr. Fries and Bridgit are. Not only that, alongside Penguin, she finds herself able to convince both to join Penguin’s family.


As noted before, Penguin for this show has been the launch pad for nearly every villain. Only Jerome, if I recall right, hasn’t been blessed by Robin Lord Taylor putting him on his shoulders. So to watch Ivy slowly become wicked, almost in a Barbara playful way, is quite interesting. Though especially because she has brought back Dr. Fries and Bridgit, aka Firefly. Now, alongside the Jim Gordon critique, one thing which has sort of been bothersome about Gotham is that it employs a huge amount of villains, but gives them very few heroes to fight against. Thus leading to a bunch of infighting which, more often than not, usually means everyone, as usual, relying on Penguin to put them over.

A pattern I have grown to like but at the same time it is still a pattern. One which I don’t think can honestly be sustained. For with this being a 24 episode, give or take, series, and with these arks like “Mad City,” “Heroes Rise,” and etc, it is like we are going through the same thing over and over with just the characters rearranged.

Now, I should add, better to set up a bunch of real villains from the comic books than more Fish Mooney types. However, it would be nice if we got more credible heroes, if not at least one good one. For while Robin Lord Taylor is handling the weight of the B-storyline(s) well, he can’t do it forever. It will eventually get old.

Cats Have 9 Lives: Selina, Fake Bruce

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As Fake Bruce realizes he is dying, and Gotham will come to an end, he tries to warn Selina to leave Gotham. However, with her refusing to do so, wanting to know where the real Bruce is, and tell Alfred, Fake Bruce pushes her out a window. Leaving us seeing her, assumingly dead, but surrounded by a little less than a dozen cats.


With Bruce sent away, and some dark destruction on the horizon, it has to leave you to wonder if we are being told that The Court of Owls pretty much will create the Batman? Then, when it comes to the great destruction, something in me just wants to believe they shall create the Joker as well. For it isn’t really clear where Jerome is, and based on them taking in Riddler, and the mob in the past, it shows they do have a fondness for villains. Especially for their dirty work. Yet, at the same time, they need heroes *bleh* like James Gordon to fight off these villains. The ones they perhaps push to threaten and kill certain people, blow up around certain areas to drive rates down, and things of that nature. For, really, you have to wonder how long are the talons of the court and what events are truly not calculated and planned by them?

That aside, I wonder if, like other characters who experienced some form of rebirth, if Selina may change after her first death? Will she, similar to Ivy I guess, come into her womanhood? Perhaps will the show take more advantage of the actress’ dancing background to make her more of a sleuth? Also, with the way she was talking about real Bruce, it seems something remains there. Well, alongside a fondness for Alfred. But it is hard to know whether they may keep the birth of Catwoman [note]well, cat teen at this point[/note] something under wraps till later or will follow it up quickly.

Either way, it seems as the villains get better and bicker over who will get the top spot, the heroes only get worse. Really leading you to wonder, who can save Gotham. Not the city, but the show.

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