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It’s a large reunion episode which seemingly will precede the heartbreak you expect from Game of Thrones.

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It’s a large reunion episode which seemingly will precede the heartbreak you expect from Game of Thrones.

HBODirector(s) David Nutter
Writer(s) Dave Hill
Air Date 4/14/2019

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Meanwhile In King’s Landing: Cersei, Yara, Theonn, Euron, Qyburn, Bronn

Cersei is trash. She hasn’t sent a ship or soldier to the north and is strictly prepping for whatever the results may be. However, while she might be waiting for the results of what happens with the walkers, when it comes to her brothers, she isn’t waiting to see if they live or die. Through Qyburn, she sends Bronn to assassinate her brothers. A task he seemingly may take up for, after all, Bronn goes where the money is, and neither Jamie nor Tyrion are filling his pockets anymore.

As for Euron? Well, he gets what he wants in having Cersei and her verdict? Well, he was fun. Perhaps not the best, but certainly better than her late husband. Now, whether he was better than Jaime? Well, you know Euron asks, but Cersei just asks if he wants to die. Though, with Theonn rescuing Yara and them heading north, who knows whether he may care about that or just courting Cersei?

The North Remembers & Distrusts All Outsiders: Sansa, Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys, Arya, Bran, Lyanna

Lyanna speaking for the people about their displeasure.
Lyanna: We named you King in the North.

Jon’s return comes with Daenerys and Tyrion, and that taints the Stark family reunion. Mostly because Jon reveals he has bent the knee and with Tyrion following that with the Lannister army coming, Stark bannermen are pissed. Lyanna, in particular, speaks out and this causes friction that isn’t healed this episode.

But even outside the court of bannermen, Jon doesn’t find much in the way of allies. Bran remains aloof to the point of frustrations, and Sansa just continues Lyanna’s speech, but in private. Making the only welcome family reunion being between Jon and Arya. Thus allowing, for a moment, us to be reminded Arya is a teenager, maybe early into her adult years, and despite all she has been through, there is some ability left to smile.

However, with her reconciliation with Sansa, and an alliance of sorts, it seems she, more gently than the rest, disapproves of what Jon did. Not to imply she doesn’t get it, but with her not interested in the politics of Winterfell, she doesn’t want to be involved.

The Night King Is Coming, So We Have To Come Together: Jon, Sam, Daenerys, Tormund

Daenerys flirting with Jon.
Daenerys: So keep your queen warm.

Daenerys feeling isolated would be an understatement, but at the very least she doesn’t feel her life is threatened. Thus she walks around a bit, takes in Winterfell, and even speaks to some people. One being Sam who she thanks for helping Jorah before revealing she ordered the death of his father and brother. Which puts a damper on things.

However, the bigger issue might be that Jon and Daenerys are secretly a thing. On top of that, the dragons are warming up to him, and he seems like he might be falling in love, as is she. Which makes Sam revealing he is Aegon Targaryen a bit shocking. However, rather than address that he deals with Ned not telling him while he was alive.

And as all that happens Tormund discovers the Night King’s army is getting closer. Perhaps only a day or two away from Winterfell.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Arya teasing Gendry.
Arya: You don’t know any other rich girls.
  1. Gendry and Arya would make a nice couple right? Assuming she is even into the idea of dating.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Respect is how the young keep us at a distance, so we don’t remind them of an unpleasant truth. [what is that?] Nothing lasts.

  • Varys and Tyrion


The Stark Reunions

While not every reunion was met with open arms and possible tears, each one reminded you of how far each character came. Be it Arya reuniting with Genry or The Hound, or with her brother Jon. We got reminded how, as much as Sansa deserves credit for surviving as long as she did, Arya’s journey has made her develop survival skills as well. It’s just in what Arya had to learn in killing Sansa had to in politics.

Hence her reunion with Tyrion being bittersweet in a way. He was one of her early mentors, perhaps one of the few kind to her in King’s Landing, and yet her ego precedes her. Though, let’s not discount faith in people, when it comes to her, has often been wasted and even when it comes to family, her trust is likely limited. It isn’t like most of her family was nowhere to be found for most of her adult life, and now they’ve shown up just as things have begun to settle down.

Cersei Being Cersei

Cersei drinking, while pregnant, after sex with Euron.

What would Cersei be if she wasn’t a character you loved to hate? One who would rather assassinate her brothers than ever admit she was wrong or go through the tough conversations Sansa is having with her own brother? Yet, lest we forget, unlike the Stark family, women in the Lannister family were never treated as equals. Cersei was always more cunning, more socially adept, heartless even, yet what position was she given beyond wife? A trading piece rather than a player.

So can you blame her for wanting to rule alone? Maybe have Euron replace Jaime so that carnal desired is fulfilled in case that itch ever needs a scratch? Plus, considering he is bold, though not necessarily charming, he makes for someone fun to play with – until she grows bored.

On The Fence

The Curse of Being A Violent Show Without A Violent Episode

One of Daenerys' dragons looking on as she and Jon make out.

One of Game of Thrones issues throughout the years is that with the show being known more so for its sex and violence than touching moments like this episode had, it makes the absence of the graphic a disappointment. Especially with this being the final season yet you know these reunions are necessary. It reminds you of all every stands to lose and how many relationships will likely end with one or the other becoming part of the Night King’s army.

Daenerys & Sansa Don’t Know How To Make Friends Do They?

While you have to enjoy the sarcasm, wit, or what have you, of Daenerys and Sansa, I don’t think either realize how much danger they’re in for being stubborn. Daenerys’ family has a sordid reputation, and the dragons likely feel more like a scare tactic than anything else. So while her keeping to herself, letting Tyrion or Jon speak on her behalf is smart, she’d be wise to show herself as benevolent than an extension of the Mad King. Particularly if Sam decides to mouth off about what happened to his family.

As for Sansa, considering she killed Littlefinger, you’d think she’d take note of people who could provide a similar service without a selfish agenda. But, then again, maybe we overestimate Sansa’s cunning? For while there is this desire to see her as a Cersei in the making, she is forging her own path. One in which she doesn’t really keep her enemies close or keep an eye on them, she figures out a way to kill them. An idea which may seem smart, in the short term, but each person she kills creates a power vacuum and people who may want revenge. And while Littlefinger had no one and the Bolton family is no more, considering the deals they made, the bannermen they had, who knows what could happen.

But she is the one who survived multiple husbands and other men whose lust she used against them so what do I know?


While I get his wisdom will surely help in the long run, if he dies, I won’t shed a tear. I might even be glad since, while I don’t hate Bran, he is smug in such a way that doesn’t push you to want to see him live. If anything, you just want him to live long enough to serve his purpose, and that’s it.

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