Igor Gotesman and Pierre Niney’s “Fiasco” is a funny journey into a filmmaker’s heart of darkness.

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“Fiasco” Plot Summary

Netflix’s comedy “Fiasco” shows the chaos and rapid destruction that can happen in a big-budget film. Created and written by Igor Gotesman and Pierre Niney, the French mockumentary captures the lunacy of a film set, and what can go wrong will go wrong. The seven-episode “Fiasco” is relatable for anyone who’s made a movie, and it’s as funny as it is a nightmare. 

“Fiasco” first introduces us to Raphaël Valande (Pierre Niney), a first-time director making his big-budget debut with a film that pays tribute to his grandmother. Unfortunately for Raphael, his eagerness to please all parties involved in his film production creates constant clashes and misunderstandings that snowball into disasters on set. Raphael is immediately plagued with problems on his first day when he gives a horrible speech to his crew, which is recorded and threatened to be released by an anonymous source. His often clueless producer, Jean-Marc (Pascal Demolon), and aggressive assistant director, Magalie (Geraldine Nakache), team up to help him find solutions. But Raphael’s obsession with his actor Ingrid (Leslie Medina), his delusional friend Tom (François Civil), and Raphael’s own naivety threaten new problems on set each day. 

fiasco 2
Leslie Medina and Pierre Niney provide the heart in “Fiasco” (Netflix, 2024)

Filmed by a documentary crew that’s capturing every horrid moment on set, each episode delves further into Raphael’s chaotic set. Who’s ruining the film’s set? What’s the worst that can happen? From leaked videos, actors quitting, CGI dogs, Nazis, and potential murder, “Fiasco” is a fun, mad journey into a filmmaker’s heart of darkness. Your tolerance for awkward humor or outrageous shenanigans might be tested, but “Fiasco” takes your hand and skips through its havoc with determination and glee.

Content Information

“Fiasco” is rated TV-MA for profanity, sex, smoking, and mild violence. 

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Igor Gotesman plays the behind-the-scenes documentarian. 
  2. Igor Gotesman and Pierre Niney also made the French comedy “Five” together.

“Fiasco” General Information

Network Netflix
Genre(s) Comedy

Non-English (French)

Noted Characters
Raphael Valande Pierre Niney
Ingrid Leslie Medina
Jean-Marc Pascal Demolon
Tom François Civil

Renewal Status: To Be Determined

Directory: (Series Page | Character Guide)

“Fiasco” Review

Our Rating: Positive (Watch This)

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  1. What did you think of “Fiasco?” Any favorite parts? Do you like the mockumentary style?

Notable Performances, Moments, or Episodes

Pascal Demolon as Jean-Marc

Pascal Demolon, as the washed-up producer Jean-Marc, makes the character endearing and empathetic even in his most clueless moments. While the character may appear vain, Demolon plays him with a zeal for life and an optimism and faith that’s always intriguing.

Episodes to Anticipate

  • 1.1 “You’re the Boss” introduces us to all the characters.
  • 1.5 “In the Red” involves a terrific, outrageous twist.


Great Characters and Acting Provide a Playful Energy

fiasco 4 scaled
The cast playing the crew in “Fiasco” (Netflix, 2024)

Each character in “Fiasco” is given a funny piece of dialogue, a lovely moment, and a chance to be a fool. Besides Pierre, characters are rarely selfish but truly try to help each other to disastrous ends. This provides a joyful edge to the comedy that constantly makes each crew member someone to root for. From the thankless intern to the on-set chef, we can watch this film crew work with each other forever.

“Fiasco” Fires Comedy on All Cylinders 

Whether “Fiasco” is showing an actor on all fours in a green screen suit or shocking us with family revelations, the show is filled with wordplay, slapstick comedy, and satire about the film industry. There’s something for everyone to laugh at. The pacing is fast, the jokes come at light speed, and they nicely build on each other for seven episodes.

On The Fence

Raphael’s Ignorance May Test Your Patience 

fiasco 1
Pierre Niney as the doomed director Raphael in “Fiasco” (Netflix, 2024)

As Raphael is our anchor throughout the show, he is also the one who throws others into chaos. Raphael’s meekness and selfishness have unforgivable moments throughout the series, so it’s hard to empathize with someone who makes increasingly poor decisions. While “Fiasco” is aware that Raphael must take responsibility for his choices, it can sometimes be a gratifying journey to watch him victimize himself. 

Good If You Like

  • Comedies, mockumentaries, or stories about filmmaking. 

What I Hope To See

If “Fiasco” continues, I hope it follows the same filmmaking crew. 


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Fiasco (2024) Review – A Fun Look Into a Filmmaking Fiasco
Your tolerance for awkward humor or outrageous shenanigans might be tested, but “Fiasco” takes your hand and skips through its havoc with determination and glee.
Great Characters and Acting Provide a Playful Energy
“Fiasco” Fires Comedy on All Cylinders 
Raphael’s Ignorance May Test Your Patience 

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