Elite: Season 3 Episode 1 “Carla” [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

In what is rumored to be the final season with the original cast, one member is violently killed, and once again, we find ourselves asking: Who did it and why?

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Carla looking down on Polo's lifeless body.

In what is rumored to be the final season with the original cast, one member is violently killed, and once again, we find ourselves asking: Who did it and why?

Directed By Dario Madrona
Written By Dario Madrona
Aired (Netflix) 3/13/2020
Introduced This Episode
Beatriz Lola Marceli
Malick Leiti Sene
Felipe Montesinos Bruno Lastra

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

All Secrets Eventually Come to Light: Felipe, Lu, Nadia, Malick, Valerio, Rebeca

With Valerio coming back to school, and living in his car, as well as not being able to get an erection, his life is skidding rock bottom. Add in his mother won’t take his calls, and when Lu offers him the opportunity to come home, Felipe threatens to go to authorities, enough is enough. Lu reveals she had sex, specifically uses the F word, Valerio because she needed him. So, with that in mind, Felipe decides when Lu turns 18, she will be cut off and no longer welcome in his house.

But, Lu isn’t alone in her suffering. During an interview for a scholarship that would allow Nadia to go to a business school in New York, she learns the video Lu recorded has not only made the rounds throughout the school, but it seemingly is on the radar of those outside of it. Leaving her devastated and perhaps the only reprieve being this rich Muslim guy, Malick, trying to get her attention.

An Uncertain Future: Malick, Guzmán, Nadia, Ander, Omar, Rebeca

Malick (Leiti Sene) in Nadia's family store.
Malick (Leiti Sene)

Though considering their first conversation dealt with Nadia accusing the son of Senegal’s richest man of stealing, things might be a bit odd. Granted, Malick likes Nadia enough to move past it, but with her questioning how good of a Muslim she is, this will be a complicated friendship/ potential relationship. Especially considering him being Black could bring an interesting mix to things.

But, aside from the Malick situation, there is Ander and his role in getting Mariana justice. Which Guzmán wants Ander actively involved in but he has more than enough drama. After all, Omar is living with him, and while their relationship seems better than ever, they are young, and Omar likes being all up on Ander, and Ander likes his space. Hence why, when a lump is found, he tries to handle things on his own.

However, upon getting a message from the doctor, he breaks down and finds himself confiding in Rebeca, despite them lacking a notable relationship.

We Have Our Judge and Jury, But Where Is The Executioner?: Beatriz, Carla, Teodoro, Samuel, Pilar, Guzmán, Polo

Guzmán and Samuel see Carla revealing what Polo did as the end to both of their individual grievances. For Samuel, it means his brother being allowed to come home and for Guzmán? Well, while Polo going to jail won’t bring his sister back, after misdirected anger for more than a year, it will allow him some form of peace. But there comes a need to question if Carla will testify, and ultimately, she doesn’t.

Beatriz (Lola Marceli) talking to Carla.
Beatriz (Lola Marceli)

You see, Teodoro, who we know is corrupt, has had Beatriz singing some of his financial documents for years, and considering all the scrutiny which would come from a trial on Polo, he pushes that it would negatively affect Beatriz, Carla’s mother. So, with being faced between choosing her mother or giving justice to a girl who is cared about more now than Carla ever has been, she chooses her mother to the disappointment of many. Well, except Polo.


Cayetana Having An Insurance Policy

As shown by how Caytena being shut out when it seemed Polo was getting away with murder, she better be careful. Her relationship with Polo was born from him lacking options and her being around. So with him rebounding, this leads to the question if he’ll need her anymore. After all, besides Carla and Ander, no one else knows for a fact Polo killed Mariana. So he could go about lying and using the fact Carla said she did what she did out of revenge to vindicate his person.

Now, granted, he likely will still need to find new friends, but considering he has money, and could possibly recover his reputation, it makes Cayetena holding onto where the murder weapon is smart. It’s her key to not being easily tossed aside.

Lu Has Been Humbled

Felipe Montesinos (Bruno Lastra) telling his daughter she will be cut off.
Felipe Montesinos (Bruno Lastra)

While we love seeing Lu be the badass she is, there is a need to occasionally see her taken down a notch and be reminded she doesn’t have the level of control she thinks she has. Especially when it comes to the actions of others, as seen with her failed relationship with Guzmán. However, being cut off after admitted to sex with Valerio? I think this may bring a whole new side to her.

I mean, think about it, Lu has competed before due to the need to feel superior and validate it with her academics. Now she is competing due to lack of money in the near future. Which, when it comes to Nadia, may mean Lu showing a side of herself nastier than previously seen.

Low Point

So, Still No Christian?

Was the actor unavailable, or are we just going to erase him completely? Granted, they note he is still missing, and there is a good reason to assume he is dead, but it wasn’t like we got a funeral. Just a really bad accident followed by what appeared to be a payoff.

On The Fence

So, Will The Adults Matter Now?

Outside of Teodoro, and Guzmán’s father, most of the adults have existed but are easily forgotten. Heck, their names I can’t recall offhand, besides Teodoro, and that’s just because it was actually said more than once. But, as he brings in Beatriz’s winery and threatens Carla, and we see Polo’s parents, it does make you wonder if the adults may have a bigger presence than before? Especially considering the kids have seemingly gone off the rails and are about to take things too far.

Cayetana Having An Insurance Policy - 85%
Lu Has Been Humbled - 86%
So, Still No Christian? - 65%
So, Will The Adults Matter Now? - 75%


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