David Makes Man: Season 1, Episode 2 “Dai Out” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Brother Dave finds himself engaging with Raynan’s criminal element a bit deeper, as well as meeting some of Ms. Elijah’s associates. Maybe even making a friend.

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Raynan sarcastically thanking Dave for holding the bus for him.

Brother Dave finds himself engaging with Raynan’s criminal element a bit deeper, as well as meeting some of Ms. Elijah’s associates. Maybe even making a friend.

Director(s) Kiel Adrian Scott
Writer(s) Tarell Alvin McCraney, Lucien Christian Adderley, Richard “Byrd” Wilson
Air Date 8/21/2019
Introduced This Episode
Saul Darryl W. Handy
Starry Logan Rozos
Femila Trace Lysette
Uncle Teo Elvis Nolasco
Ms. Elijah Travis Coles
Shinobi Jordan Bolger

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Saul, JG, Gloria, Dave, Raynan | JG Has Options

It’s a new day and once again, JG wets the bed. However, unlike past days, Gloria nearly finds out what happened. However, Dave helps to cover for him so no one is the wiser. Thus allowing them to have a fun morning of trying to avoid Raynan as Dave takes JG to his grandpa Saul’s house. A place in Overtown where, apparently, Saul is an OG of sorts. Noted as Reverend Saul by Raynan, who Dave finds himself unable to dodge, despite his best efforts.

Yet, one of the benefits of Raynan coming with is learning that he, Dave, and JG all have lost their fathers. Also, we learn Sky was Raynan’s father and one of the factors which led to Raynon calling Dave his brother is because Sky took to him so much. Which isn’t to say Sky was an outright deadbeat to Raynan but clearly what he foresaw for his own flesh and blood was not the same for Brother Dave. Hence why Raynan is mixed between continuing what his father started and perhaps leading Brother Dave astray.


Saul (Darryl W. Handy) hanging out his door, talking to Dave.
Saul (Darryl W. Handy)

With the reveal that Sky was Raynan’s father comes the question, beyond who is Raynan’s mother, of how was Raynan and David’s relationship before Sky’s death? Did he just watch in the distance? Did Sky truly see Brother Dave as a means of redemption after sending his own son down the road he only went on due to circumstances? Did Sky just give up on Raynan? Also, there is a need to question why JG knows his extended family, beyond his mother and brother, and Dave doesn’t? Was Dave conceived when Gloria was a teenager and his father was some random dude? Heck, considering the tone of this show, was Dave conceived in a consensual situation?

For one of the things David Makes Man pushes is this sense of normalcy which isn’t normal. It’s normal if you grew up in an environment like Dave, or are adjacent, but otherwise it seems foreign. Maybe even strange to hear about so many kids not having a dad, not to mention a father who damn near sounds like he withdrew his investment in his own son for another boy.

But, at least you can’t say he withdrew it from his dark skinned son for a light skinned child.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why did Saul have all those young girls (likely in their twenties) in his house?

Dave, Raynan, Uncle Teo | Brother Dave Stepping Into The Light Or Shadows?

We come to learn Raynan isn’t from the Vil, and that he actually commutes to sell out there. Also, we learn he is trying to sell something more heavy but his “uncle” Teo doesn’t necessarily want to sell him anything stronger. After all, he isn’t as organized as he needs him to be to sell anything with notable potency which, if lost to cops, robbers, or idiots, would cost a pretty penny.

However, with Brother Dave speaking up for his part in what happened, Uncle Teo takes note of him. He even tries to recruit him but Raynan steps in before Dave is coerced to commit to something he clearly has no interest in doing. But don’t consider this being Raynan trying to be a saint. He does have Dave take a pound of weed and boxes of pills back to the Vil for him. Which complicates his life immensely since the weed has a lingering smell and makes Dave self-conscious.


Uncle Teo (Elvis Nolasco) trying to convince Dave to be one of his workers.
Uncle Teo (Elvis Nolasco)

What you have to love about Raynan is that you can never pin down a firm opinion of him. Is he looking out for Brother Dave (it’s catchy, isn’t it?) or pushing Dave to be loyal to one day use him as a scapegoat. If not allow said loyalty to be a tool for if and when David moves up in the world? Thinking about The Chi, maybe Dave is being shielded so if Raynan himself becomes big, he can use Dave to create legit businesses to clean his money?

But, with this lingering feeling that Raynan is jealous of Dave, beyond him having a brother to protect, there is this idea he wants to hit Dave where it hurts. For it still isn’t 100% clear how and when Sky died. Much less, was it David’s fault? Yet, what we do know is Dave is dealing with serious PTSD and more than likely Sky is involved since he keeps seeing him.

Ms. Elijah, Starry, Femila, Shinobi, Dave | It’s A Starry Night & Dave Could Use Some New Friends

With the weed smelling strong, Dave gets off the bus and buys something to wrap it up in to cut down on the possibility of him being caught. This, unfortunately, cuts into his already limited funds and makes it so he has to walk God knows how far. But, at a bus stop, he runs into a madam, or sex worker, named Femila, aka Femi. She is kind to Dave, since he is kind to her, and gives him some much-needed water. Also, she introduces Dave to someone Femi affectionately calls Starry. A kind young man who, as Femi and her girls beat up a john who seems like he doesn’t want to pay, handles Dave’s bus fair.

This leads to what could be the beginning of a friendship, depending how Dave plays his cards. For Starry is new to the area, staying at the Vil with Ms. Elijah, who usually watches over Dave and his brother, and could use a new friend. Especially if they are staying a while. Plus, with folks like Shinobi around, who Dave hands the drugs to, Starry could use positive influences. If not a friendly face to show them around since who knows how often Ms. Elijah ventures outside, or what they do for a living.


One thing OWN doesn’t feature heavily (at least in the scripted shows) is the LGBTQ+ community. They exist on Black Love, have a small presence on Greenleaf, and do show up in other programming, but I wouldn’t say they seem like they have long term roles. They are shown as a nod to that audience, but with Femi and Starry, also Ms. Elijah, I think we may see them more than ever.

For one, Brother Dave needs friends. After what he said at school, I can’t see his relationship with Seren recovering anytime soon. Also, while Raynan and him are perhaps on better terms, Dave still seems very uncomfortable with Raynan. Not to say Dave is comfortable Starry, Ms. Elijah, or Femi, but they present him an alternative I think he might be attracted to. Not to say Dave is queer, but I think what Dave hasn’t really found yet is a community which supports and protects him. People he can just chill with. Ones who, unlike Seren, don’t make him feel poor or other. So Starry and the community they have might be what Dave needs and this show could use to stand out further.

The Duality of Raynan & Never Being Sure If He Is A Savior Or Deceiver - 90%
A Stronger LGBTQ+ Presence - 91%
Brother Dave At The Crossroads - 89%


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  1. Nova, a main characteer on Queen Sugar is bi-sexual and has had at least 2 female relationships. Also, on the same show, Ralph Angel had a classmate who is a transgender cop that was on a few episodes.

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