It’s the night of the baptism and Sabrina’s decision. One that, whether she likes it or not, it seems many will do whatever it takes for her to sign the book. Network Netflix Director(s) Lee Toland Krieger Writer(s) Robert Aguirre-Sacasa Air Date 10/26/2018 Introduced This Episode Principal Hawthorne Bronson Pinchot Father Blackwood Richard Coyle Edward…

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It’s the night of the baptism and Sabrina’s decision. One that, whether she likes it or not, it seems many will do whatever it takes for her to sign the book.

Director(s) Lee Toland Krieger
Writer(s) Robert Aguirre-Sacasa
Air Date 10/26/2018
Introduced This Episode
Principal Hawthorne Bronson Pinchot
Father Blackwood Richard Coyle
Edward Georgie Daburas
Diana Annette Reilly

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Let’s Talk About Satanism & The Unholy Baptism: Father Blackwood, Hilda, Zelda, Sabrina

While it is made clear Hilda and Zelda have taught Sabrina many things, it seems for quite a bit of stuff the answer was simple, “Because.” Making Father Blackwood sort of welcome the challenge of Sabrina’s questions – kind of. He enjoys her curiosity but you can tell, after a certain point, he is more about selling an idea than anything else.

Making Hilda let it slip that it could be all BS a big deal. For with her seeming like she regretted her unholy baptism, even has desires of burning the forest down, it clearly has an effect on Sabrina. Leading to Zelda killing her because as oldest, in their religion, she has the right to kill her. Something she has apparently done many times and it takes Hilda longer and longer to come back to life afterwards.


Zelda threatening Hilda.
Zelda: Eventually, there will coem a time when I bury you and you’ll stay buried.

Okay, I’m lost. When the benefits of becoming a full-blooded witch are mentioned, living longer is something constantly mentioned for time slows down for you. However, it was never said you get some form of immortality as well. So how is Hilda being murdered with a hammer yet able to rise from the dead? Assumingly healed? I don’t get that.

Also, are the visions Hilda gets similar to the ones we see Sabrina get in the episode sometimes? Is she being called to do something and, if so, who is the entity making the call? Much less, since it needs to be asked, who started this coven and established its rules? We know it was a man, most likely, but was it the first witch in existence? How does magic even work in this world? Sabrina is only 16 and seems relatively skilled. She certainly has a presence about her if spirits like Salem can come about.

Which is another thing, which has to be revisited later on, but for now can we just ask: What can Salem really do? I get as a familiar he is supposed to protect her and she has vowed to protect him, and he follows her on occasion, but considering how he listens in a lot, it makes you wonder if he will seriously never speak a word.

We Could Be Friends, You And I: Prudence, Sabrina, Susie, Ms. Wardwell

Being that she is a farm girl, so she is a bit rough around the edges, when Susie sees the football team tearing down a Wicca advertisement, she calls out the boys and tries to do an MMA takedown. Leading to them punching her square in the face. But, guess who gets suspended? Susie for starting the fight.

Thus frustrating Sabrina to no end because Susie being safe is one of the big things complicating her decision of whether to sign the Book of the Beast. But then, when venting to Ms. Wardwell, she is given the idea to work with Prudence and her crew. Who, in exchange for Sabrina not joining their school, say they’ll help teach those mortal boys a lesson. Unbeknownst to Sabrina, while she just wanted to scare them, blackmail them even, by having them tricked into kissing one another, Prudence takes is a step further. With her girls, she causes the boys to have erectile dysfunction. Which, of course, is reversible, but only if Sabrina really wants it to be.

And it seems between planning and execution, Prudence comes to like Sabrina. Not enough to ask her to join her clique, but enough to not get mad at her for lying about not joining the school if Prudence and her girls assisted her. Perhaps implying, if Sabrina does ever end up at the school, she may not necessarily have an ally but Prudence will leave her be.


Prudence seducing one of the members of the football team.

I wonder if this show is like Harry Potterir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=6b137b63ada79664dd076622a03cce33& cb=1540573754667 in which parents, for eons, hated mortals for they feel like they compromise their free will. That is, being able to be witches publicly, gods of some sort, but knowing they can’t because mortal hysteria would get them killed. Hence children like Prudence not even liking half-mortals but, upon getting to know Sabrina, being willing to make an exception.

But, Prudence aside, you have to wonder how safe it is to mess with mortals like that? It has been noted some, like Ambrose, have no issue killing people, and even Sabrina can do a memory wipe spell. However, are there no rules in place forbidding or discouraging people from doing so? For while large in numbers, and certainly powerful, there has to be some kind of fear right? Otherwise, there would be some Voldemort type walking about trying to take over.

Also, lest we forget, what’s up with Susie? I get she is a farm girl, so she probably got some muscle, but taking on the football team seemed a bit crazy right? Also, are you telling me that after all the football team did, which includes decking the hell out of her, they didn’t get suspended? Clearly, they have the ability to defuse the situation since Susie doesn’t seem to know how to fight. Them giving her a black eye surely deserves something right?

Yet, lest we forget, they are the football team and with Greendale being made out to be a small town, it means they’re untouchable. Especially when it comes to them versus a social outcast. Pushing the need to wonder, what are Sabrina, Harvey, even Roz considered? Whether they hang out and protect Susie or not.

A Rebel With A Cause: Sabrina, Father Blackwood, Principal Hawthorne, Zelda, Ambrose, Harvey, Edward, Diana

It’s Halloween and Zelda has arranged Sabrina to stay home, by saying Sabrina has hives. Meaning, at that moment, Zelda was done with Sabrina entertaining the mortals and was ready for her to move on. Luckily, her older cousin isn’t so heartless and feels safe since Zelda isn’t his older sister so, assumingly, she can’t kill him. Thus allowing Harvey to spend time with Sabrina on her birthday and have one more moment with her. Which almost causes her to be late to her unholy baptism, which of course upsets Zelda. But, what really pisses Zelda off is Sabrina refusing to sign the book as Father Blackwood reveals the truth behind signing the book. Now, what was the last straw? Believe it or not, it was Sabrina seeing her parents, Diana and Edward, say “run!” to her.

Thus leaving Zelda thoroughly embarrassed and add in Ambrose talking about a protection spell to keep everyone from pursuing Sabrina? Well, Zelda may not show her face again at coven events. Yet, despite upsetting so many, Sabrina is right back on school Monday. Leading her to have a one on one with Principal Hawthorne, at first, which turns into her and the Dark Lord talking since he is upset about her not signing his book.


Sabrina standing in front of the whole coven she just rejected.

Was everyone lying, or maybe just didn’t know what happened when you don’t sign the book? For the Dark Lord to target a half mortal seems a bit weird, all things considered. Especially since it isn’t like Sabrina has shown miraculous powers or anything. So what makes her slipping away such a threat to his power? After all, isn’t she supposed to lose her powers if she doesn’t sign in the book, or was that all bs? Just like the idea of free will and choice?

But another thing you have to question is why was Sabrina let outside the house after what she did? Her rejecting the book seemed like a big deal and while her birthday and the blood moon has passed, you’d think she’d be in some kind of danger rejecting the coven like that. For if someone took that as her deciding to be mortal over a witch, wouldn’t that mean she knows all their secrets and would either have to be wiped or killed?

Also, considering Ambrose is in enough trouble, anyone else surprised he stood up for Sabrina? Much less would be willing to lie about casting a protection spell? All for someone, with the way he talks about time, he may feel like he met a year ago? Leading to the need to bring back Salem. Considering how uncomfortable Sabrina was then, when trying to escape, she seemingly went through some Wizard of Ozir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=408fa15c457074f108342e388c17a480& cb=1540573788250 kind of forest, where was he? Seriously, this cat has shown he can be of great help but dude is mad inconsistent.

Though, it could very well be familiars aren’t like The Ancient Magus Bride, which is the only other witch show I know which had familiars. Maybe Salem can see, feel, and know what Sabrina is feeling. Since she doesn’t have him bonded or anything, maybe he just helps when things get too serious or he isn’t enjoying life as a cat? With him not talking, despite us seeing, before becoming a cat, that he has the capability, who knows?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How many have actually rejected signing the Book of the Beast?
  2. Considering there is a witch hunter out there, well a fear of one, though Father Backwood says otherwise, who will be the big baddie? This alleged witch hunter or the Dark Lord?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Zelda sipping her morning brew.


  1. Sabrina having the guts to reject the coven, despite how dangerous she knows that could have been.
  2. Harvey and Sabrina really do make such a cute couple. Props to the casting team.
  3. Ambrose seemingly not giving a single damn about the repercussions for his actions and just doing what feels right for him.
  4. Prudence and Sabrina coming together as witches against stupid mortal boys.


  1. You really telling me, after all of them were stalking Sabrina to her house, no one showed up at school on Monday? I know all of those witches don’t have jobs.
  2. After Salem took out that scarecrow monster in episode 1, was it too much to ask him to help Sabrina escape?

On The Fence

  1. Neither the Dark Lord, Father Blackwood, or the possibility of a witch hunter really pushes much in the way of fear.
  2. Zelda seemed way too calm the day after being embarrassed in front of the coven. Especially when you take note of Sabrina intentionally pestering her like she didn’t know what she just did.

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