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As we learn whether Tobias will be charged or not, Jefferson has the kind of conversations with his kids which will alter their relationship.

Director(s) Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Writer(s) Adam Giaudrone
Air Date 10/30/2018
Introduced This Episode
Ms. Montez Salli Richardson-Whitfield

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Something Has To Change In This Relationship: Jefferson, Anissa, Gambi

Anissa has always been someone who has been very headstrong. However, with her reasoning backed by the morals and values her parents instilled in her, it is sometimes hard to argue against them. Take, for example, her stealing from the mob, who are looking for payback, to give to Reverend Holt, amongst others. Naturally, Jefferson doesn’t support this and is upset with Gambi for even participating. Yet, in Gambi’s mind, better to guide her while doing something rash than abandon her to the wolves. Even if she is pseudo-bullet proof.

But, even with that in mind, Jefferson goes off on Anissa and tries to pull rank. Not as Black Lightning but as her dad and the person who owns the house she lives in. Which, considering Anissa got money, also has no issue being on her own, she decides to leave – and live with Gambi for a little bit. Though, when things cool down, Jefferson’s father’s house is offered. Leading to them to reconcile just in time to stop two bombs from going off.


Anissa surprised Jefferson is pulling some, "My house, my rules."
Anissa: Okay, so you’re going there?

You know, I never thought about why is Anissa, a grown ass woman, still living with her parents. The obvious reason would be to save money since she is in med school and med school is expensive. But, considering her mom is a doctor, dad formerly a principal, you’d figure they’d pay for her tuition as long as she was doing well. Plus, taking note of Anissa’s love life, you’d think she’d also want space to do what she wants, including sleeping with her girlfriend, or whoever she is messing around with, and do it in her space. Rather than be in their element all the time.

That thought aside, can we just give props, as we do every episode, to this show really putting people on? I don’t know who that was that damn near whooped Gambi’s ass but they were Black, had a little fro, and I’m sure this could lead to more work for them. Because, even if there aren’t a lot of AAA budget Black dominate action movies coming out, she definitely made a case for her casting. If not at least some stunt work.

Garfield Isn’t What It Used to Be: Lynn, Jefferson, Mr. Lowry, Jennifer, Khalil

Mr. Lowry has made it clear that, while he cares to a point, at the end of the day he is about metrics and safety. Anyone who threatens that, they’re out. Well, except Jefferson who outright threatens him but Mr. Lowry, maybe because he doesn’t have the authority, doesn’t fire him. Instead, he takes the back and forth and shows he may very well be a figurehead in quite a few ways.

Which, with that in mind, and Jennifer’s powers still being out of control, it is decided Jennifer will be homeschooled. Something that pushes her over the edge for she already feels isolated and stifled. Thus, after avoiding Khalil for quite some time, even dreaming of maybe dating Issa, she finds herself talking to Khalil – in real life at that. Making it seem, while Jefferson can push Anissa and she may come back quickly, Jennifer might be a little bit more difficult.


Jefferson sitting at his desk.

With Tobias knowing of Jefferson’s family, but not who Black Lightning is, you have to wonder if Khalil may find himself trying to recruit Jennifer. Much less, if things are so bad she’d legit runaway. Though, of course, there is the option of her living with Anissa. Bringing in a whole new issue since, between being Thunder, dating, school, and so on, it would mean Jennifer having a massive amount of freedom.

But, I think the real thing to question is how long should we expect Mr. Lowry? Clearly, he and Jefferson both can’t stay at Garfield yet I can’t foresee them firing Jefferson. Yet, can you imagine someone talking to their boss like that and not being reprimanded or fired? Never mind, in the hallway, undermining his authority in front of students?

The Exoneration of Tobias Whale: Jefferson, Tobias, Henderson, Ms. Montez, Gambi

Despite the multitude of crimes Tobias has committed, being that the witnesses are all dead, Ms. Montez doesn’t seem to be able to think the case is worth it. Which, of course, upsets Jefferson and he even talks about being a witness. Problem is, Gambi destroyed any and all records connecting Jefferson to the event. Thus leaving him with nothing but his word to stand on. Something that Jefferson may feel is strong in the community but there is the issue of the defense bringing up his demotion and he last few weeks as principal.

So, in the long run, Tobias walks and makes it seem he is on his way to recovering his former glory. Both in terms of being out in public life as well as leading the 100.


Tobias about to address the 100.

Can you believe this is the end of the first book of the season? I don’t know why but, even with me naming something to praise in each episode, story-wise, it kind of felt anti-climactic. I wanna give the benefit of the doubt and say, “The season has just begun, and maybe things will pick up from here?” After all, Tobias is out and back in control of the 100, Jennifer is at a new level of teenaged rebellion and with a kid dying in the pods, it means they may start something different with them. Plus, with the mob asking for permission to raise some hell in Freeland, there is that too. Maybe one of these things could give Black Lightning the villain it sorely needs and has consistently lacked.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Jace discovers Lynn’s samples she took from Jefferson and is intrigued to the point of having to be redirected.
  • Kara dies and leaves Gambi the information she has on Tobias.

On The Fence

  1. While I love the show, with how it focuses on the family dynamics and relationships within the Jefferson household, it makes everything else feel like it is on the backburner. Crafting a good villain for Black Lightning and Thunder? Backburner. The situation at Garfield under this new regime? Backburner. Hell, Kara’s death should have been a bigger thing but it didn’t feel like it. Dr. Jace doing an experiment which killed a kid didn’t feel like a big deal either. All the passion and emotion is solely held within Jefferson’s relationship with his kids and wife and everything else just happens. Almost making you think the whole comic book aspect is done simply for a hook and nothing else.

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