Gambi after being beat up by ASA agents.

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As Tobias remains in hiding, Lala continues to reestablish himself as a villain, but not one that will stand in Black Lightning’s way yet. He instead is dealing with his second betrayal in months.

Director(s) Eric Laneuville
Writer(s) Pat Charles
Air Date 3/28/18
Actors Introduced
Neema Kat Logan

The Man Who Doesn’t Fear Death: Lala

Lala before he deals with minions and other people questioning his authority.

Like Jennifer, in terms of getting powers and becoming a hero, Lala is defying the idea of suddenly being brought back means changing his ways. If anything, it has dug him deeper. Making it where his tattoos of Will and Lawanda likely aren’t going away anytime soon. Yet, there does come the question of whether, until he does right by them, he will not only be haunted by them but also protected?

I say this because, as he tries to regain his position as head of the 100, he gets challenged and walks up to a man with a gun in hand. Said man, with this being a gangster moment, tells Lala to not step to him and then fires a few shots directly at Lala and they all misfire. So comes the question, will Lala only be able to die when he atones for past sins?

We Don’t Need Another Hero: Anissa, Jennifer, Lynn

Jennifer noting maybe their powers aren't a gift from God but the devil.
Considering how they got their powers, Jennifer isn’t wrong though.

Jennifer is really dead set on not joining the family business. Anissa thinks she can convince her otherwise but Jenn just wants to be normal. Problem is, according to Lynn, that may never be possible. This may be especially true because of how Jennifer’s powers work. With Anissa, she has to work herself up to use her strength, for Jefferson his electric powers are finite, like a battery, but Jennifer is something else. The way the MRI makes it seem, she is like a generator. Which is a bit of a dangerous thing for if Jennifer gets angry or emotional, it means more than sparks flying, she could possibly cause shockwaves or explosions.

Well, maybe not shockwaves or explosions, but with the generator comment comes the idea her powers don’t have established limits yet.

Redemption & Betrayal: Jefferson, Gambi, Porter, Kara, Anissa

Neema in a stasis tube with the rest of the metahumans.
Kat Logan (Neema)

Anissa follows up on what Gambi saw last week, and the sight of so many people in full-grown tubes shocks her to the point of wanting to act rash. However, while a medical student, what could she really do with 20+ people? Of which, according to Jefferson, may have been in those tubes for 30 years! But, despite not knowing what to do with them, Black Lightning and Thunder head back only to find all the tubes have been moved overnight – and that there are agency soldiers everywhere. However, they are low level and are handled quickly.

But, what makes things a bit more scary, if not interesting, is Two-Bits pops up. And, of course, it isn’t him showing up, since he was a low-level dealer but something he saw. For it is noted to us that, since he was a kid, Two-Bits had a strange fascination with shipments coming in and out of Freeland. Which comes into play, not just in terms of helping Jefferson track down where the metahumans went, but making it a bit higher on his priority list. For while clearing his name and getting Green Light off the streets are important, with his student Neema, one of the girls Anissa caught trying to buy drugs, when she first discovered her powers, getting kidnapped, it makes this something he has to do. Especially since Neema is discovered to have powers which cause her to light up like The Fantastic Four’s Human Torch.

But, with Jefferson showing up to the holding facility for metahumans tips off Porter that Gambi has to know how to contact Black Lightning. Then, when Jefferson is dragged into Gambi’s interrogation, as leverage, the lights suddenly going off makes it clear to Porter that Jefferson is Black Lightning and then we get what could perhaps be a jaw-dropping moment?

Kara being revealed as a spotter for the ASA.

Maybe I’m exaggerating, because Kara has never been treated as an important character, but with her being known as a “Spotter,” what Gambi was, she has to be handled. Problem is, Porter also wants Kara to handle Jefferson so it should be interesting to see these two clash. Especially if there is more to Kara than meets the eye. Let’s not forget the actress who plays her is a veteran from the Iraq war[note] [/note].


How interesting would it be if Kara had powers and we get to see Black Lightning fight another metahuman? Technically Tobias is one too, but he doesn’t have offensive powers so it isn’t as interesting. But another thing worth noting, not mentioned in the recaps, is Jefferson’s family moving into his father’s house and what that could mean for the story. Especially in terms of memories and maybe telling us a bit more about when Jefferson and Lynn first met.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So where exactly is Khalil? His name gets mentioned from time to time but after being seen in a vehicle with Tobias, has he appeared since then? That or when him and Jennifer broke up? Did Tobias give him a dose of his version of Green Light to get him walking again?
  2. Considering Tobias was Lady Eve’s underling, will he get taken in? He is a metahuman so he qualifies but also he was one of their experiments/ foot soldiers as well.


Jefferson after noting he has X-Ray vision and playing like he is seeing through Lynn's clothes.

  1. Jefferson and Lynn still being cute, and Jefferson a bit nasty, in her lab.
  2. Kara getting the opportunity to step up and play an active villain vs. all these passive ones who send other people to do their dirty work.
  3. Neither Jennifer nor Lala trying to change just because of their new life or powers.

On The Fence

  1. What will happen with all of the Metahumans? At this point, it seems safe to assume that we shouldn’t expect every single one to emerge as heroes when they get out of stasis. However, there remains the question of who of the DC universe maybe in those tubes? It was noted that the Akils, who created and developed the show, are interested in bringing Virgil Hawkins, aka Static Shock, into the show. So, who knows, considering how many Black people Gambi pointed out and Kara after him, who is to say he won’t be in a tube or targeted?

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