Anne with an E Season 2 – The Wedding Escape

Anne with an E Season 2 – The Wedding Escape
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Prissy and the girls running from the wedding.

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  1. My God – as if the casting, ensemble and direction weren’t brilliant enough, the set, costuming, location and art direction are breath-taking. There are moments so ethereal, they are nothing less than NC and Andrew Wyeth landscapes and moments come to life. Josie’s slow-motion flight into a winter field literally made my heart stand still.

    I’ve not felt as enthusiastic about a TV offering since HBO’s “Deadwood” – as improbably compared in subject matter and tone, “AWAE” deserves equal recognition for story-telling at its highest.

    I’m a die-hard LM Montgomery fan for over fifty years. Yes, this interpretation takes some liberties; makes adjustments to make an old narrative more relevant, relatable for today’s new viewers but frankly, I do not feel these adjustments take from the old, beloved story line.

    Kudos to every single person involved in this endeavor- to the young actors/actresses portraying those long-ago children on the cusp of becoming men and women; each one of you is fantastic and absolutely on-point. I cannot single out one performance without mentioning all of you – you-are-each-one-of-you-superb.

    I spent an early portion of my childhood in the SE portion of the US, with a beloved spinster aunt, born in 1890, who lived in a home nearly identical to the Cuthbert’s and in much the same way. She never drove a car, wore make-up or cursed. She had a huge vegetable garden, cows, chickens and we helped her haul many a bucket of water or sleeve of kindling. To watch an episode of “AWAE” is to be literally transported into some of the happiest days of my childhood.

    And yes, by God – you’ve got it right – every single thing.

    Wishing all of you enduring success- for as long as this marvelous production lasts and on into your future endeavors.

    Cheers from an old Yank!

    Nancy Klepacki – Asheboro, NC

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