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TV Series Anime SukaSuka (WorldEnd): Season 1/ Episode 5 "From Dawn to Dusk" - Overview/...

SukaSuka (WorldEnd): Season 1/ Episode 5 “From Dawn to Dusk” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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In what is largely a sightseeing episode, things end with a familiar name to Willem which could be that red head we saw in episode 1.

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A New Beast: Chtholly

For a short period of time, we watch as Chtholly seemingly slays one Timere beast after another – by herself. However, as an unidentified kind of beast is revealed, so comes an end to the battle at Sky Island 15.


Though it was short, it was nice to actually see these girls, well Chtholly, in combat. Here is hoping that future episodes feature more. Especially since we have now seen what the threat is.

Sightseeing Tour Interrupted by the Annihilation Knights: Willem, Chtholly, Tiat

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The wolf girl, [note]A Lycanthropos, whose people seem to consider their bellies sacred places.[/note] Phyr, from the last episode, is Officer Limeskin’s niece, through his friendship with her father, who is the mayor. She is asking him to handle the issue the Annihilation knights are presented in which they plan to, within a week, assassinate her father. Reason being, he is trying to change Corna di Luce to be a more diverse and accepting city of which disfeatured and those not categorized like that can co-exist.

Sadly, Officer Limeskin can’t get involved and, originally, Willem says the same. However, after a tour of some sights that Tiat recognizes from many movies, he is convinced to help and sets up a trap for the Annihilation Knights. One in which, using coins, he knocks out many of them and they all get arrested. Thus fulfilling Phyr’s wish.

But before they leave, Chtholly notes how she saw how he took each member out by pointing his hand like a gun and flinging coins at high speeds. Something Willem is a bit surprised she noticed. But, of course she did. After all, she loves him.


It was nice to get a sense of one of the island’s cultures. For, in my mind, not a huge amount of anime, especially action-oriented ones, really divulge into the locations’ rich and well-established culture(s). I mean, we do meet the royals, maybe one commoner who the hero may fall in love with or they use their establishment for work or rest, but that’s it. We don’t learn how a movie was shot here, about landmarks and things of that nature. Which to some may seem fine, for it could be considered filler, yet it does remind you what these people are fighting for besides their life.

Which sort of helps for when romance and friendship isn’t the strongest of driving forces. For while Chtholly’s crush on Willem is cute, there is something missing there to make it serious. Not in terms of Willem’s active participation, but I think Chtholly’s crush isn’t presented with the kind of drive and desire needed to remind you of past crushes or anything like that. It, at the moment, seems purely written and not felt.

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Though I should add, I am wondering if she is the only one with a crush on him. With us seeing Ren sit on his lap, and in her own way not want to leave such a place, you have to wonder if she has feelings for him too? Much less, if this show may slowly morph into a harem.

Oh, and before I forget, what in the world are these visions Chtholly is having? Also, what leads to someone being categorized as a disfeatured? Phyr is noted as one, but she seems as anthropomorphic as anyone else. So I really don’t get it.

Souwong Kandel: Willem

An officer Buronny meets with Willem before he and the girls depart for home and with him name dropping “Souwong Kandel,” it stops Willem in his tracks. For whoever this person is, they want to meet with him and apparently are within Officer Limeskin’s care.


Could it be Willem wasn’t the only one who found themselves awakening after centuries being petrified? Could it be the red headed woman we saw in the first episode? It is hard to know but with this series getting better by the episode, I’m so giddy to find out who this is and what may happen next!

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  1. I liked the end of this episode but found the sight seeing and the knights to be a little less interesting. It all kind of seemed pretty much like filler. Admittedly, it does give you a good sense of the island, but given it is only one island and we’ve been given no clue as to whether it is more or less significant than other locations, I wasn’t all that caught up in that aspect of the story.
    I do agree with you about the crush though. While everything is there for Chtholly to have a crush on Willem, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of feeling behind it at the moment.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • I’ve been meaning to ask you, when it comes to anime titles, how do you choose which one to use? I try to do both the original and English translation, but for some, like this, that would be ridiculous.

      • I usually use whatever the service I’m watching the show on is using (it avoids confusion for me). For older shows I use whatever name it is that I first saw the anime under (whether that was Japanese or English). That said, WorldEnd is a pain in the neck because everyone seems to be calling it something different. SukaSuka seems to be the main name for it but I can’t get over how ridiculous that sounds.
        I probably should be more consistent with English or Japanese names, but even if I stuck to the English names there would be some variations because some Australian releases have different names to American releases and no matter what system I came up with there would be inconsistencies.
        Short answer – just go with what works for you and stick with it.

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