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It’s becoming clear Hotaru has some kind of insecurity. That alongside some form of possessiveness over Yuma.

You Will Always Be Mine: Takeda, Hotaru, Yuma, Fujiwara

Yuma and Hotaru have been friends since they were kids. Since then, Yuma has made other friends but Hotaru has not. In fact, the only other people Hotaru interacts with are boys. Which, since middle school, seemingly has been one of Hotaru’s main focuses. To the point, it almost seems like she has been with quite a few of the hottest guys.

Fast forward to high school and now Yuma is dating Takeda and Hotaru is messing around with Fujiwara. Yet, it seems while Hotaru may act with Fujiwara as she does Yuma, naturally she isn’t always in the mood. Also, maybe not always in control. Making the opportunity to regain some of her own autonomy with Yuma something she can’t let go. For that is how she regains her power and makes it so Yuma can never really let her go. Much less forget her.



Like I said, Hotaru is manipulative. Yet, with seeing how she was bullied when she was younger and how it is still triggering, you slightly feel for her. Because just after Fujiwara got upset with her for not wanting to fool around, even slamming his foot right next to her, it left her shaken. Probably for, at least, 5 – 10 minutes.

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Which in no way excuses her using Yuma but it does paint the idea of maybe Hotaru does have some genuine feelings for Yuma. After all, she is her savior. She saved her from bullies, probably is the one she turns to when stuff like what happened with Fujiwara happens and is her only friend.


But, on the flip side, you have to note everything with her is a power play. Her kissing Yuma, struggling to feel up her inner thigh or more, is screwed up. Technically assault. All of which is really twisting up Yuma’s head. For on one hand, in her mind, she doesn’t want it. Yet, on the other, there is this pleasurable reaction that is foreign to her. Sort of bringing about this weird, porn like interaction. The kind which is problematic and looks like rape.

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Yet, it is a sort of Elleesque rape. The kind where you see the fighting and eventually becoming numb. But then, there comes a point where it is this twisted fantasy. Of which, in the last episode, it became something sort of wanted yet hated all at the same time.

Though maybe I’m way off point? It is hard to say or tell because we are given such a small glimpse into things. So I’m unsure if I’m overanalyzing a soft-core hentai or maybe there are truly layers to this.

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