“In/Spectre” tries to have romance, gore, comedy and the supernatural all in one, but it is hard to say it ever perfectly blends the three together.

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“In/Spectre” tries to have romance, gore, comedy and the supernatural all in one, but it is hard to say it ever perfectly blends the three together.

Directed By Keiji Gotoh
Written By Noboru Takagi
Aired (Crunchyroll) 1/11/2020
Genre(s) Action, Romance, Supernatural, Comedy
Introduced This Episode
Kuro Miyano Mamoru
Saki Fukuen Misato
Kotoko Kitou Akari

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

In/Spectre Plot Overview

17-year-old Kotoko has lived as a Goddess of Wisdom for over 6 years and has mediated many issues between different types of supernatural beings in Japan. In fact, when it comes to lower-level beings, she is more than a goddess but a beloved figure. Hence when she gets involved with Kuro, a recently single young man, they are worried.

No, not because he is human, but something else altogether. Which, not too long ago, his ex, Saki, discovered – thus ending their relationship. Yet, even with knowing Kuro is different, Kotoko is drawn to him. However, will the truth free her of her infatuation?

In/Spectre Review



The combination of Kotoko being ethereal, yet also 17, with some inkling of wanting intimacy, is a curious combination. One that creates a handful of comical moments, but never to the point of you taking Kotoko less seriously. More so, she becomes further human due to her jealousy, her missing limbs and eye, and the way her confession is worded. Thus leaving you quickly attached to the character and wanting to see more.

The Idea of Kuro and Kotoko As A Couple

Specifically, more of her and Kuro together. For with the show being genre-blending, the idea of seeing Kuro and Kotoko go on a slice of life type of dead has an odd appeal. Especially as youkai, and other beings, watch in fear, perhaps gain an interest in Kuro, and the two of them get to know each other personally, then intimately.

On The Fence

Episodic Monster Fights

Yet, there remains the issue of one of Kotoko’s reasons for approaching Kuro being more than romance but also for the sake of combat. She cannot fight and with Kuro having foreign abilities, he is an asset. But with that in mind, it makes you wonder if in each episode she’ll have him handle some baddie she cannot herself, and if the show will quickly fall into a rather boring routine?


Good If You like

  1. The idea of a romance anime featuring two humanesque beings featuring supernatural creatures.
  2. A show that likely will have a set routine of comical flirting, each character learning about each other, and then a fight against some kind of monster.
  3. Some blood and gore, but not enough that you can say the show is overtly graphic.

Reasons You May Not Like This

  1. Of the genres this show explores, I wouldn’t say it necessarily excels in any of them.
  2. It is likely this show will fall into a routine that will make its last episode a bore unless something major happens.
  3. Kotoko has the potential to become annoying.

In/Spectre First Impression: Divisive

Kotoko and Kuro, back to back, nicely dressed.

The main thing “In/Spectre” is going to struggle with is balancing the expectations of its various genres. It has fearful supernatural elements but uses them in both a comedic and action context, with some beings that are aggressive or, like Kuro, forces to be reckoned with. Alongside that, you have Kotoko who is trying to balance being a 17-year-old girl with a crush, a goddess, and someone who is a bit silly. The combination gives you a wonky production that, by first impressions, doesn’t seem likely ever to perfect its balance. Yet, for some, that may ultimately be the source of its charm.

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Kotoko - 85%
The Idea of Kuro and Kotoko As A Couple - 84%
Episodic Monster Fights - 70%


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  1. I really enjoyed this first episode as it kind of hits all the genre elements I tend to enjoy. I hope they develop the two characters further but I’m honestly looking forward to more of this.

    1. I’m hoping they develop them as well since I didn’t watch any anime last season and it left me feeling like I had a hole in my life.

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