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The final episode does what most of the season failed to make you do, care about the fate of the characters.

Director(s) Park Sunghoo
Writer(s) Yoshimura Kiyoko
Air Date 3/30/2018

One More Battle: Sword, Christopher

Finally Christopher, by his own will, finds himself in a battle where it is do or die and he ends up dying. But, not before what looks like a horror escapes him and he is all that is left.

Saying Goodbye: Gina, Luke, Sophie

While Sword seems trapped in Eldo Net, or within King’s virtual world, Sophie is hoping so terribly he’ll show up. However, with Luke being told to use his rain bullet, which causes memory loss, Sophie forgets nearly everything and everyone.

One Year Later: Sophie, Gina, Sword

Sophie, a year after the defeat of King, seeing Sword for the first time in a long time.

Until a year later. For with memory fragments causing her to space out, and that pendant Gina gave her, slowly, but surely, her memories return. Thus leading her to the diner where Gina sits as if she has been waiting for Sophie like it was fate. And then and there, Sophie asks what you have been waiting to here: How to become a Makai Alchemist. Which isn’t answered but the way the waitress talks, it seems the boss approves of her being one.

Oh, and in the case of sword, they do see each other but with Sword having diarrhea, they don’t get a heartfelt moment. It doesn’t keep you from getting a little teary-eyed though.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Luke is apparently the Black Knight now.
  • Sophie’s history was rewritten to believe her brother died in an accident 4 years ago.
  • Bishop is alive and well.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So when King died, did his ring to control horrors get destroyed as well?
  2. Sword mentions, in his fight against Christopher, if they combined forces they could destroy the Makai, the source of horrors. Is Makai a place or being?
  3. Who was Andrew?
  4. What does it take to become a Makai Alchemist or knight?


There Was A Sense of Emotion

After the first couple of episodes, the show lost its ability to craft emotional side stories or even bring about that much in the way of emotion for its leads. Sister’s death was perhaps the last time the show had a truly impactful moment. Since then, yeah unfortunate things happened to the leads and in side stories but they were only worth a hunch.

However, even though the possibility of Sword being dead was unlikely, considering all he has survived thus far, there was the smallest of chances he could have been trapped. Yet, when Sophie saw him and he saw her, and he acted like it wasn’t a big deal, there was something sweet there. If only because his reaction, as well as Gina’s, made it seem that while she may have forgotten about them they still checked on her and made sure she was alright. Making the ending just a tad bit more sweeter.

On The Fence

The End of the King’s Court

Bishop just admiring the ruins of El Dorado.

Christopher’s end, after at least 5 or so battles, was better than most of the people fought on this show. It had nice back and forth, it felt like it had a good build, and being that Christopher actually was developed as a character, it did make his end bittersweet. Though, thankfully, in his dying moments, he remains Christopher through and through.

Leaving just Bishop who survived and really, it is hard to not be glad he did. The comical villain may never have had a signature moment or battle, but considering how the battles went for his peers, it is a testament to his character that he has survived. Plus, taking into consideration Bishop was for King’s plan but not dying for King, the end result makes a whole lot of sense.

Plus, for those who may want another season, though you’re on your own for that, his survival provides something to link to a new story in the same universe or a continuation.

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