Garo – Vanishing Line: Season 1/ Episode 13 “God’s Will” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Gina opens herself up to us a little bit as the show makes it clear that we won’t see El Dorado anytime soon.

Director(s) Park Sunghoo
Writer(s) Yoshimura Kiyoko
Air Date 1/12/2018
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The Village of Trials: Gina, Sword, Sophie

From what it seems, we’ll probably have to wait till episode 16+, maybe even the 20s, before we get to El Dorado. However, the benefit of the wait is that it seems we’re learning more about the Makai and also those who hold said titles. Such as us learning about The Village of Trials which for Makai Alchemists, like Gina, is a bit of a homebase of sorts. It is where they buy weapons, perhaps train, and while it isn’t clear if this is the place Gina may get her missions, it is clear it is a place dear to her heart.

Something shown in abundance by how she is greeted by the children, and the extension of hospitality given to Sword and Sophie. Two both both entertained by the makeup and offerings of the village. Though, because of Sophie’s relationship to Gina, naturally she sees more of the Village, and Gina, than Sword.

There Is So Much You Don’t Know: Gina, Sophie

Garo - Vanishing Line Season 1 Episode 13 God's Will - Gina noting to Sophie that she used to be in a home like Sophie.

Did you know Gina was an orphan just like Sophie? Yeah, she was and that might be what connects the two so strongly. Gina can kind of see herself in Sophie and that is perhaps why she is so open about her life and her career to a point. A sort of display of, despite what has happened to you, there is the possibility for some semblance of a fulfilling life. One in which you are strong, don’t have much in the way of worries, and are secure.

The Land of Guidance: Gina, Sword, Sophie,

A point really driven home as Gina, alongside Sword and Sophie, head to this castle which only appears during a full moon and Sword and Sophie watch Gina be tested. In this, we get our weekly dose of action but perhaps what matters most, when it comes to this whole trip, is when people take note of Sophie. Gina does for reasons just mentioned, even gives her this protection jewel the Land of Guidance, a spirit, imparts to her.

However, it is the elder talking about Sophie being born under a strange star and how her actions could change the world. Alongside, Sophie hearing her brother cry out for her in the Land of Guidance which seems the most noteworthy thing. Especially as it is relayed that El Dorado isn’t next but instead El Sanvados, then maybe El Dorado.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Anyone else surprised between Gina and Sword, neither have maybe asked what Sophie thought of being a Makai Knight or Alchemist? I honestly thought, in the beginning, the point of going to The Village of Trials was so Sophie could learn the process.


More on Gina

Garo - Vanishing Line Season 1 Episode 13 God's Will - Gina smiling with children

Perhaps the sole good thing about the show, likely, taking its time with getting to El Dorado is that it means we’ll learn more about Gina, perhaps Sword, and maybe even life for Luke after his mother died but before we met him. Since, with all these characters, there remains so much we don’t know and even in terms of how a person becomes a Makai, that remains a mystery. Like, what Gina did, is that the process to officially become a Makai, after whatever training is done?

There is so much left to wonder about, ask, and be answered, but with Gina perhaps one of the most interesting people we met in the first half, it was nice to see more 1 on 1 moments between her and Sophie.

Learning About The History of Horrors

Though it was kind of confusing, hence it not being in the recap, we are provided the slightest bit of insight into Horrors. Mostly in the form of learning about this eternal being and there being this ring. It all sounds like some J.R.R. Tolkein kind of stuff, but in the end it pushes the idea that if Sword, Gina, and Sophie can get to the king of El Dorado, they may not just find lost family members but solve the Horror problem too.

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