As Natsuo continues to struggle to live with his crush and Rui, things happen which may trigger a shift in both relationships.

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As Natsuo continues to struggle to live with his crush and Rui, things happen which may trigger a shift in both relationships.

Director(s) Shota Ibata
Writer(s) Tatsuya Takahashi
Air Date 1/18/2019

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I’m Not Rude; I’m Direct: Rui, Natsuo

With Rui moving far from her original school, she decides to transfer to Natsuo and Hina’s and that causes a bit of a problem. Not with those two but more so her making friends. While Rui is surrounded by people during homeroom, by lunch she is alone, and this worries Natsuo. Well, at least until he realizes Rui isn’t much for casual conversation and can be very curt, direct, with her answers.

So, being that Natsuo is a nice guy, and he doesn’t want Rui to be alone at school, he tries to coach her. However, that doesn’t go well. At least, between them, it doesn’t go well, but as everyone else listens in, because Natsuo gets to the point of yelling, it seems like a skit and pushes the idea maybe Rui isn’t so much standoffish but has dry humor.


Rui a bit shocked by Natsuo's passion.

I think we can all agree Rui is going to fall for Natsuo right? Yeah, they did their relationship in reverse but, like said in California No, getting the sex out of the way could be beneficial. It makes it so getting to know the person doesn’t have that weird end goal of having sex and the awkwardness of that ruining everything. They’ve been there, and while they haven’t had sex again, Natsuo fantasizes about the idea.

As for Rui? Well, taking note she isn’t close to Hina and doesn’t seem to have friends, Natsuo’s efforts are noted. I mean, considering she caught him trying to take advantage of her sister, his acts at school did push the idea she misconstrued something. He kind of messes up the idea that being true, but she isn’t fully back to the idea he is a perv.

Letting Your Guard Down: Rui, Natsuo, Hina

What has become quite clear to us is Rui and Hina are like day and night. Rui is very reserved while Hina is like a golden retriever who lacks boundaries. This has caused a bit of issues for both. Mostly in the form of Rui having to be a bit protective and worry about her sister. Something she doesn’t show outright but does verbally convey to Natsuo. Someone who does make her want to let her guard down but is still mindful not to.

But, when it comes to Hina, who has been drinking a bit lately, she finds it difficult to both be a big sister to Natsuo but also shield who she is outside of that role and his sensei. Such is the case when her boyfriend, Shuu, shows up. Now, we don’t hear him or see him, and the way Akihito pops up soon after Shuu leaves, raises an eyebrow. But, the struggle of not being vulnerable around Natsuo is becoming increasingly difficult living under the same roof. Leading you to wonder if Hina may one day slip.


Hina with her head pressed against the door after having a fight with her boyfriend.

Would anyone else not be surprised if Hina and Akihito had something going on? This seems like the kind of show which could slip into doing something like that. Granted, the credits do list a different voice actor, but for a hot moment did you not think maybe, before Tsukiko showed up at the house, Akihito tried to end things but it went bad? Maybe I’m just too much into shows being over dramatic.

That whole, daughter messing around with mom’s new husband web aside, I hope Rui letting her guard down is done slowly but sweetly. Mostly due to  Rui not living up to the tsundere trope that she fitted in the first episode. Now, is she a bit meaner than she needs to be? Yes. However, is she really mean or just direct? Also, could it be that people never took the time to get to know her like Natsuo is doing? Never mind took an interest in her and her interest?

To me, what Natsuo will bring to his relationships with Hina and Rui is a guy who might be unlike the ones they know. Especially considering their dad isn’t with their mom and who knows what Tsukiko may have said which made them both distrust men to a point. Add in Hina’s relationship with Shuu, and you can understand why Rui is a bit on edge and Hina trying to establish their sibling relationship firmly. For without that boundary, Hina could maybe fall for this kid and Rui? Well, considering how she has been in her sister’s shadow and this guy has taken note of her, beyond wanting to have sex again, it’s something new, curious, and a bit dangerous for her. A combination that may lead her to open up to see if, while sex didn’t change her, maybe love could.


  1. Rui not being a weird Tsundere but simply a girl who is direct and doesn’t entertain people who have vapid conversations.

On The Fence

  1. The fact Rui thought Natsuo was a womanizer trying to take advantage of her sister but decided to not do anything about it.

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  1. My opinion of Rui was really raised by this episode. She didn’t leave much of an impression in episode 1 but after seeing her conversation with Natsuo this episode I’ve come to understand her a little bit and she has definitely grown on me to the point where she’s now my favourite of the cast so far.

    1. I just hope she and Hina don’t end up competing for Natsuo. I can see it happening, but we don’t need to see that drama play out.

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