Castlevania: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Labyrinth” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Trevor ends up outmatched and outnumbered. However, being that he is a Belmont, all of that means nothing.

Trigger Warning(s): Vomit Sounds

The Cyclops: Trevor

As noted, Trevor faces two major battles. The first of which is a fight against a cyclops as he rescues Sypha, the elder Speaker’s granddaughter.


I honestly don’t know what was cooler to watch. Trevor battle it out with this huge Cyclops or, after he killed it, watching these beings, which formerly were stone, turn to flesh. Which, with their heads gone, meant blood juicing out.


But, speaking of the fight itself, there was something about it that still made me believe Trevor is but warming up. Leading to the question: What is he warming up for? Was it for the chase we see toward the end of the episode or maybe the season finale’s offering? One more episode to find out.

The Fallen Bishop: Bishop of Gesnit, Trevor

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Nothing can sway a man like faith. It can lead him to believe the impossible just as much as it can lead him to justify his own nonsense. Needless to say, faith is a powerful thing. Though it’s most powerful form is as a weapon. One in which the faith of the often simple minded is used by a manipulator. In this case, the Bishop of Gresnit. The man who killed Dracula’s wife.


He believes between the Speakers and Trevor’s presence, this is what will bring the night demons. So, to be kind to Trevor, he says he is free to go. After all, it wasn’t like he was part of his original plans. In fact, the Bishop decides to be so benevolent that he even notes, with Trevor leaving, the whole excommunication of his family can be discussed. Naturally, at a later time. For with Gresnit being that last major city, this is the power the bishop now has. Something he, of course, doesn’t want a Belmont possibly ruining.



Perhaps the main issue with this 4 episode season is there is such a desire to see the rise of the bishop and fall of the Belmonts. For while we get how both things happen, it is like this show is so thin on story and heavy on gore. Sort of like if you took out the more interesting characters on Game of Thrones, but left in all the major battle scenes.

Don’t Forget Who You Are: Elder Speaker, Trevor, Sypha

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With the threat of the Bishop to both his person and the Speakers, Trevor urges them to leave before nightfall. However, they refuse to run and cower. This is not their way and to run means to give into their oppressor. So, even if it means their deaths, they will stay and fight.


Leading to a reminder of who the Belmonts are from the elder and why they were excommunicated. They were considered corrupted for dealing with the supernatural, mockers of God, a threat to the common good, and beings which evil follow. This was what was laid upon the name of the Belmonts. The sole family, of those with notable lineage, who fought against the darkness of the land and defended their country.


For some time now, Belmont has focused more on his name and keeping that alive than his family’s. Yet, with being reminded of who he is and the blood in his veins, he decides to do what’s necessary. Which is have the Speakers hide as he handles the clergy and the mob.



Can you imagine? I mean, the way Trevor talks, for generations his family has sacrificed its members to fight the supernatural. They have taken on beasts, recorded how to defeat them for the next generation, and protected the country for likely eons. Yet, as the church likely felt they grew too powerful, they tainted and destroyed their name. In fearing they would have an equal which, in their minds, meant the Belmonts saw themselves equal to God, they were said to be making a mockery of God.


I don’t know about you, but that nonsense entertained the hell out of me. Almost to the point that I’m not sure who I want to see kill the bishop more: Dracula or Trevor? But, with the mention of Dracula comes the question of, where is he? We see his demon horde every episode but he has been absent. Is he simply going to be the catalyst and Trevor the final solution? One which doesn’t even go after him but the man who is a symbol of Dracula’s anger? Stay tuned.

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