Andi Mack: Season 3/ Episode 5 “That Syncing Feeling” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Amber returns and it seems she is going to shake things up for the good hair crew – but maybe not in the best way.

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Amber returns and it seems she is going to shake things up for the good hair crew – but maybe not in the best way.

Disney Channel
Director(s) Paul Hoen
Writer(s) Suzanne Weber
Air Date 11/9/18

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Play That Funky Music: Victor, Shaun, Bowie

Shaun reveals to Bowie that his dad is coercing him to play guitar. From what it seems, it is so he can live vicariously through his kid. Luckily, Bowie learns of this and convinces Victor to maybe take the lessons himself rather than force Shaun to suffer.


Shaun revealing he doesn't like playing guitar.
Shaun: I don’t want to play guitar.

In a way, I feel like this was a shout out to all the kids who were forced to live out their parent’s dreams. To take up an instrument, sport, or what have you, because it seemingly would make their parent happy – while it was just suffering to them. But, this could also be seen as a call out to parents who may watch this with their kids. You know, a message to them saying that it is never too late to learn, dream, and develop a skill which represents part of who you are.

Eat The Cake: Celia, Andi, Bex

Andi and Celia go cake tasting Bex’s wedding, since she hates making decisions, and come to the final two cakes. Two cakes which are complete opposites and it leads Andi and Celia to realize it may be the beginning of the end for them – even though it’s just cake. But, when they come to Bex with their decisions, even though it is only two cakes, she still can’t decide. So, like she was doing some gambling con with cards, she mixes up the boxes and, without tasting or looking at the cakes… she picks Andi’s.


Bex getting frustrated by Celia's insistence to plan an over the top wedding.
Bex: You know my feelings on this.

Celia really is going to ruin this wedding. You can look at it as her taking initiative, but we know it is just to compete with her sister. Something Bex and Celia knows is true and that is part of the many reasons Bex is so “meh” about the situation. Luckily for Bex, Andi seems to get her enough so that she can not only be enthusiastic for her but also make sure this wedding isn’t just what Celia wants. Seemingly, she is in tune with her mom enough to also know what Bex would like. Exhibit A being the cake, Exhibit B was helping Bex pick the ring, and craft the moment of proposal. Making it seem Celia may want to let Andi take the lead on this. She has been working on this marriage since she learned Bowie existed and look at the results.

Girl Code: Walker, Buffy, Andi, Amber

While we haven’t heard Walker ask out Buffy, we just see them hang out, everyone sees the potential inevitable. But, then Amber comes along, gets caught up, and helps Andi understand why she is so uncomfortable: Girl Code has been broken. Now, Andi was familiar with Girl Code, to a point, but never took it seriously. However, with this Walker situation, even though she never dated Walker, she realizes her discomfort does come from the willingness of Buffy to see the guy she rejected.

But that’s not the only thing which comes from Andi chatting with Amber. Due to Walker joining the group, it made it so Andi was the odd one out. So with Amber strengthening her friendship with Andi, she splits off from the group. Thus letting Walker and Buffy enjoy their time together without having to worry about Andi.


Amber noting she had fun spending time with Andi.
Amber: Actually… I had fun.

Um, is this whole Girl Code thing going to be used against Andi, more so Jonah, so that Andi and Jonah can be over? I can foresee Andi opening up about her Jonah issues and Amber noting it didn’t work because Andi, like Buffy, broke Girl Code. With, comically, Andi noting she and Amber weren’t friends at the time and Amber noting that they are now – hence the issues. Because, as much as Amber has evolved, what you got to realize about people evolving is that it doesn’t mean their core has changed. If anything, they have just refined themselves based off what they know others will, or won’t, let them get away with.

Leading to the need to question, when it comes to this Buffy and Walker relationship, can we get them to talk about something besides how Andi feels? While no one can replace Marty, I miss Buffy having conversations with who she is seeing. Sort of acting as a role model to what a good teen/tween relationship can be as opposed to the issues Andi always had with Jonah. For with it long being clear Buffy is more mature than Andi, maybe Cyrus in some ways, it is sort of weird she is still in this honeymoon stage with Walker.

Though perhaps we have to take into account it isn’t like Buffy and Walker go to the same school. So it isn’t like they hang out all day until it is time to go home. Yet, between texting and what can be considered dates, you gotta wonder when will one or the other ask the other out? Thus leading to us seeing Buffy in her first official relationship and seeing how she handles it.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How does Cyrus feel about sometimes being a third wheel?


  1. Andi maybe being the voice of reason which will keep Celia from taking over Bex’s wedding.
  2. Amber and Andi becoming closer and showing how, naturally, sometimes friendships grow apart.

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