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Jonah smiling.

Andi Mack: Season 3, Episode 18 “Something To Talk A-Boot” – Recap, Review (with...

As the show hints at a long-awaited introduction, Andi decides on SAVA, TJ gets in trouble, and Amber finally gets what she wants from Jonah.
Andi's Art Project: “Trashing Stereotypes, Do You See Me Now?”

Andi Mack: Season 3, Episode 16 “One Girl’s Trash” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

As Jonah shows he still isn’t ready for a relationship, Bowie expresses his feelings, and Andi faces being stereotyped for being Asian.
Marty smiling at Buffy.

Andi Mack: Season 3, Episode 14 “Hammer Time” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

It’s the beginning of the end for Andi Mack as Celia deals with Ham being gone, Bex’s non-wedding plans, and Buffy, like Amber, may have to deal with her feelings.
Buffy and Marty having a conversation.

Andi Mack: Season 3, Episode 13 “Mount Rushmore or Less” – Recap, Review (with...

Marty FINALLY interacts, in person, with Buffy! Also, Andi and Cyrus experience major disappointments.
Miranda planting seeds of doubt in Bex's head about marrying Bowie.

Andi Mack: Season 3, Episode 12 “The Ex Factor” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Miranda makes an appearance and causes havoc as Jonah reveals one of the sources to his anxiety and one of his new favorite coping mechanisms.
Andi, Cece, and Bex looking at a wedding dress.

Andi Mack: Season 3/ Episode 9 “Secret Society” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Bex looks for a wedding dress and when it comes to the secret society, let’s just say it brings up an issue from the past.
Cookie (Colleen Camp) introducing herself to Andi.

Andi Mack: Season 3/ Episode 6 “Cookie Monster” – Recap/ Review (with spoilers)

We FINALLY meet Bowie’s (Steven’s) mother Cookie and Cyrus is invited to spend time with TJ and his friends – leading to a cop getting involved.

Andi Mack: Season 3/ Episode 5 “That Syncing Feeling” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Amber returns and it seems she is going to shake things up for the good hair crew – but maybe not in the best way.
Jonah asking Andi if she wants to break up with him.

Andi Mack: Season 3/ Episode 2 “Howling At The Moon Festival” – Recap/ Review...

It’s another Chinese holiday so you know what that means: Mei v. Celia. But there is also Andi trying to decide what to do about her relationship with Jonah. Network Disney Channel Director(s) Paul Hoen Writer(s) Elena Song Air Date 10/15/2018 Characters Introduced Ling Nicole...
Bowie looking at Bex and Andi with suspicion.

Andi Mack: Season 2/ Episode 25 “The Cake That Takes The Cake” [Season Finale]...

The season ends on a friggin cliffhanger and, on top of that, a situation we’re all too familiar with when it comes to Cyrus. Network Disney Channel Director(s) Paul Hoen Writer(s) Terri Minsky Air Date 8/13/2018 Why Can’t We Be Friends?: TJ, Buffy,...