Andi Mack: Season 2/ Episode 23 “Bought, Lost, or Stolen” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Could everyone end up happy, even Amber, by the time the season is over? Well, outside of Miranda and Morgan.

Disney Channel
Director(s) Paul Hoen
Writer(s) Phil Barker, Sam Wolfson
Air Date 8/6/2018

Got A Secret Can You Keep It?: Amber, Cyrus, Buffy

Amber returns after a lengthy hiatus and Cyrus runs into her at his parents’ office. Needless to say – AWKWARD! However, it is the way Cyrus handles the awkwardness, then apologizes, which Amber takes note of. To the point, she decides to test Cyrus’ ability to keep a secret, and maybe become friends. How? Well, she says she spits in the burgers at the spoon, which apparently she still works at, and then serves a burger to Buffy days later. Cyrus smacks the burger out of Buffy’s hand BUT does not reveal Amber’s secret.

Thus, now she trusts him and may very well have a crush on him. After all, lest we forget, only Andi and Buffy know he is queer, everyone else does not.


Amber smiling in a worrisome way.

I feel like this is how things started between Jonah and Amber. He was nice to her one day, listened to her problems, seemed trustworthy, and next thing you know he is dating her. If not weirdly coerced into being her boyfriend because he knows she needs a friend. Which does lead you to wonder, will Amber become the next person Cyrus comes out to and how will she respond? So far, Cyrus has gotten a positive reaction but he told his two best friends. Amber, on the other hand, while she can be nice, through Andi, we saw that she can still flip on you if triggered.

But, she is in therapy so maybe she’ll learn to communicate her insecurities vs. acting out to make you feel lesser than. Oh, and can we just note how wonderful it was for Amber to address how awkward therapy is? Telling some stranger how you feel, wondering if that really works then, as a kid, perhaps feeling like you are talking to one of your parents’ friends who can be just as condescending as your folks.

So, Can We Talk Again?: Walker, Buffy, Cyrus, Andi, Jonah

Walker and Andi looking at Bex awkwardly after a bad joke.

To find some art for their business, Celia and Bex bring Andi to an art show where Walker happens to be. Also, Walker’s portrait of Andi which won first place. Something Walker would have told Andi but, since she asked, out of respect for Jonah, and because he is mad insecure, to no longer contact her, he backed off. However, with Jonah officially meeting Walker and Andi seemingly lifting the ban, they might actually get to be friends.

Especially since Buffy may have a crush on him. Well, maybe. At this point, it seems Buffy may just have the love bug and any guy who does or says something nice, she gets googly eyed. Something Cyrus calls out but because Buffy has never been that type of girl, she isn’t trying to admit to this change.


Buffy twisting her hair as she smiles at Walker.

Is there any girl code rules involved with the guy you rejected becoming your best friend’s boyfriend? I know Buffy couldn’t ask to date Jonah, but is Walker an option? Then again, who knows what Buffy is going through right now? With Marty, whose name I will keep alive, she was very comfortable and cool with him but seemed like she wasn’t ready for an official relationship. So what changed? Is it because she is feeling left behind, since all these guys like Andi but only Marty ever pursued her? Making the smallest act of kindness something that makes her swoon?

Also, do you think Walker could really date Buffy? Because that is the real issue here. Andi and him bonded over art but, what can Walker and Buffy bond over? Her being an art admirer? Both being Black? Maybe they live in the same town maybe? To be honest, I’d love to see Walker and Buffy together, for I enjoy seeing Black love no matter the age or gender preference, but I don’t know what may happen here.

Can’t Be With A Liar: Bowie, Andi, Bex, Miranda, Morgan

Bowie saying goodbye to Morgan
Bowie: Bye Morgan`

Long story short, Bowie finds out Morgan is a kleptomaniac in the making and that Miranda, because Morgan is 7, thinks she shouldn’t chastise the child over it. This doesn’t sit right with Bowie, for Morgan was going to steal from his job. Then, when it clicks Morgan likely stole the prayer box, Miranda confirms it, and he realizes how he made his daughter question herself, coerced her to apologize, and how he looked in the situation, oh it is over.

Thus reopening the door for Bex who may try again with Bowie. After he licks his wounds, of course.


Andi and Bex excited they were right about Miranda and Morgan.

So, does this mean Andi can pester Bex about Bowie again? I mean, he is single, she hasn’t even entertained someone else, I’m sure all this business with Celia stuff may mean she needs some R&R, so Bowie – COME ON DOWN! That is, assuming Bex is ready to do another round. Yes, as seen in the .gif above, it seems like maybe she could go for it but maybe she just liked that Morgan and Miranda got caught? Only time will tell.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will they ever visit Buffy or is her mom just going to constantly drive her to see Andi and Cyrus?
  2. When is Jonah going to therapy to help with his anxiety?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I’m not trying to hide anything. I’m just not telling you. There’s a difference.
— Buffy


  1. Amber going to therapy and speaking of the initial awkwardness of it.
  2. Jonah not freaking out after he meets Walker and it seeming Andi and Walker could be friends again.
  3. The possibility of Buffy and Walker becoming a thing (I have not given up on Buffy and Marty but I need a backup plan).
  4. Bowie addressing Miranda in a mature, but cutting

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  1. I just want to see Buffy happy at this point and not the voice of reason who seemingly hasn’t much of a personal life. We see she is intelligent, athletic, and can be a good friend, but she is also very type-A. Seeing a Black teen, type-A girl in love I think would be so great to have. Especially for the tween market which, at least when I was growing up, pretty much relegated the Black best friend to be comic relief. If not, in the case of That’s So Raven, her being the lead that is using the antics of the comic relief but getting to be a bit more three dimensional.

    Oh, and I think we also need to meet Jonah’s folks. We met everyone else’s parents, well except Bowie’s, so where are Jonah’s?

  2. 1. I refuse to have backups. Long live Marty.
    2. Yeah, Jonah needs to go visit Cyrus’ folks
    3. I like that this 13 year old is secure enough in his relationship to meet the (very real) competition, who was stood posed for a picture with his arm around Andi. Nice.
    4. I’m sort of missing Cyrus and Tj’s talks/ scenes. Not shipping, they just play off each other well.
    5. Bye-bye klepto gang.

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