9-1-1: Season 6/ Episode 14 “Performance Anxiety” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Bobby (Peter Krause)

Bobby announces it is time for annual reviews, and it isn’t just of his team, but of him as a leader, which leads to some awkward moments.

Bobby announces it is time for annual reviews, and it isn’t just of his team, but of him as a leader, which leads to some awkward moments.

Aired (FOX) April 17, 2023
Director(s) Shauna Duggins
Writer(s) Nadia Abass-Madden
Previously Noted Characters
Eddie Ryan Guzman
Chim Kenneth Choi
Ravi Anirudh Pisharody
Maddie Jennifer Love Hewitt
Athena Angela Bassett
Denny Declan Pratt
Buck Oliver Stark
Hen Aisha Hinds
Bobby Peter Krause


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Don’t Get Stuck In Being Comfortable – Eddie, Chim, Ravi, Bobby

With Bobby having reviews, a lot of people experience that Bobby isn’t hard on you. Across the board, Eddie nearly gets a perfect score, except for leadership. So Bobby sends him to the academy to be a senior peer group instructor. There he encounters Ravi, who we haven’t seen in quite some time, who has been an instructor due to a few issues. One is an injury he may have had, and the second reason is him regretting saving a family.

Why? Because of the three, a dad and two kids, he could only save one kid and the dad, and he regrets saving the dad upon learning the dad sought to kill his two kids. That feeling has kept him from heading back into the field, but as Chim mentors and helps many trainees, he also helps Ravi reach the point of moving beyond those feelings and potentially rejoining the 118.

As for Eddie? He doesn’t get a bad review, but certainly not a glorious one either. Having a work/ life balance is mentioned, and with having a son, Eddie thinks he is set. But mentioning a recent dating debacle amongst his peers in the 118 makes it clear that Eddie needs to expand what he thinks is a balanced life, for it can’t just be work and Christopher, especially as Christopher explores independence.

Not All Heroes Are On The Field – Maddie

A kid calls 911 because he is having a panic attack, which he thinks is a heart attack. Maddie gets the call and reminds you that you shouldn’t downplay her role in the process. Her talking that kid down was one of the most notable 911 calls in a very long time, and all she did was get his mind off his audition and sing with him.

Good Is The Enemy Of Perfect – Athena, Denny, Buck, Hen, Bobby

Bobby asking to be reviewed while he reviews his employees has long been an awkward process. Especially since he is so easy on everyone. Buck, until he calls out Bobby, may not have gotten a score like Hen or Chim, but he was getting a good mark. However, once called out, he gets serious about it, and Buck regrets not taking a win.

Switching to Hen, while her marks are good, her almost letting one of her licenses lapse is noted. But, alongside that issue, she has felt the need to do the most to maintain Denny. With seeing herself competing with his father, this complicates her ability to interact with him and focus on the benefits of Denny having his dad in his life.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So is Lucy not coming back at all?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Nathaniel not being as bad as Hen and Karen thought, but Denny approaching the idea of living with him or spending the summer with him being up for debate
  2. With Eddie tempted to date, Buck joining in, and Chim dragged in for support
  3. Maddie thinking about going back to school for psychology or counseling


Notable Performances or Moments

Maddie Helping That Kid

Maddie doesn’t have many moments where she gets to shine, especially that don’t involve her being traumatized or reacting to trauma. So to see her help a kid, soothe them, and get to the hero? That was a nice change of pace.


Chim Showing Himself To Be A Leader

Chim has long shied away from being in a position of authority, since members of the 118 would often steamroll him. So, like with seeing Maddie in a new light, Chim being a boss, a mentor, and taken seriously? I doubt it will be something we see consistently, but it was nice to know the potential of him being more than a comic relief exists.

Being Reminded Of What Makes Eddie Unique

When it comes to Eddie, he eventually broke out of Buck’s shadow and showed us his individuality. However, there are times when it did feel like, especially after a breakup, they would strip him of what makes him unique.

This isn’t to say him being Latino, or a veteran should have been the entirety of his personality. Chim being Asian, Hen being a Black woman or lesbian isn’t the sum of their parts. But you can see how that plays a role in their character without them discussing it.

With Eddie, I feel you can’t say the same. Him being Latino, especially feels like something only pulled out when convenient. Which is a shame, and a bit of a surprise, considering the show takes place in Los Angeles. It’s like having a show on the Bronx and avoiding people saying “YEEERRRR.”

On The Fence

Bringing Ravi Back

Not to discount bringing in some young blood and the diversity Ravi brings, but I can’t be the only one who was hoping for Lisa to come back, right? Her chemistry with Buck was notable, and Ravi seems nice, but it isn’t like he has a Buck and Eddie relationship going on, and I can’t even say he was missed. In fact, he was forgotten as much as Rhonda Rousey, who guest-starred a few seasons back for a few episodes.

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