Hen and Chim have a major spotlight episode as they investigate whether or not Jonah has a hero complex.

Aired (FOX) 5/9/2022
Directed By Marita Grabiak
Written By Stacy R. Rose, Kristen Reidel
Introduced This Episode
Ramon George DelHoyo
Young Jonah Lucas Royalty

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Papa – Ramon, Eddie

Ramon (George DelHoyo) having a heart to heart with his son
Ramon (George DelHoyo)

With Eddie’s father retiring, Eddie heads home for his dad’s retirement party, and between all the family being around and drinking, old issues arise. The kind which Eddie confronts to the point of Ramon having what looks like a heart attack but is really a panic attack.

And with the reveal that he got stints three years ago, Ramon’s machismo persona begins to be torn down, and Eddie finds some common ground with his dad. Both hid who they were because they believed they had to be strong for others. But now, that strength, or need to appear strong, is killing them. So it seems, as Ramon sets aside his need to be seen as powerful, the same might be said for Eddie.

It’s A High I Can’t Lose – Jonah, Hen, Chim, Taylor, Buck

It started when Jonah was 13. At the time, he was the weird kid obsessed with guillotines and drawing graphic images on the way to school. However, Jonah was a hero when he saved the bus driver after he had a heart attack at the wheel. His classmates liked him, and he got the key to the city and even a $50,000 scholarship. Never mind all the news attention.

13 Year Old Jonah (Lucas Royalty) realizing something is wrong
13 Year Old Jonah (Lucas Royalty)

So, when he grew up, he decided to keep looking for that high, and he did in Miami, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, and now Los Angeles. But he gets caught with him increasingly getting sloppy with creating moments when he can be seen as a hero. Hen with Chim investigate him, and with help from Taylor to see that Jonah gave something to Claudette, they have notable proof.

This leads to Taylor getting an itch to report this story and Buck not wanting her to because she was made aware of this as a friend, not because Hen or Chim wanted the news involved.

The Loyalty of Friends and Betrayal Of Lovers – Jonah, Hen, Chim, Taylor, Buck, Bobby

With the toxicology report coming back and someone leaking who reported Jonah, he decides to go after Chim and knocks him out, then Hen when she realizes Chim is in danger. Following that, Jonah knows Hen out, and when she awakes, Jonah tries to push the idea he and Hen should be partners. She saved someone by putting her hand in their chest, and that’s next level. So in his mind, they both are chasing that high, and since she disagrees, he kills Chim twice and brings him back to life twice.

Luckily, after the second time, Chim wakes up and knocks Jonah out, and with both of their loved ones calling the cops, Jonah gets arrested. But before he is put away, Bobby punches him in the face for breaking his trust, and Buck? He gets mad and disappointed that Taylor is on the scene with a whole setup for Jonah’s story, including the information she learned from Hen and Chim.

Thus leaving Bobby not the only one who feels like someone he let into his house broke a sacred trust.

Things To Note

  • It’s March 15th on the show
  • Claudette was a wife and mom

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What year is it on the show?
  2. What is Chim’s insurance like considering all the life or death situations he gets in? On top of his occupation.

What Could Happen Next

  1. Maddie and Chim getting back together
  2. Taylor and Buck breaking up because he can’t trust her



Hen and Chim’s Relationship

There are times when Chim and Buck feel unimportant. Chim is, as he said in the hospital, a comic relief. As for Hen? She is the one with common sense and is a calming presence because she thinks things through. But in this episode, rather than playing the support, they are put front and center, and for Hen, it reminds you of the episodes where she and Athena got put front and center, or Hen was allowed to command an episode on her own.

In “Hero Complex,” you are truly reminded Aisha Hinds is a next-level actor who can not only play a quality supporting role but can and should star in her own program or movie. Which we still feel very firm about because, out of all the actors in the ensemble, I would say she is one of the few who could carry this or any show.

Taylor Putting Career Before Her Relationship

In a show which highlights and puts selfless people on a pedestal, it’s nice to see characters like Taylor get their shine and be reoccurring. She is a reminder that there is a gray area. That not all people fit into heroes or villains, and I’d even say she acts as a reminder that, while Jonah went about it in the worst way, there is a certain level of hero complex with everyone.

Taylor seeing a good story and processing all it could do for her career

Heck, all things considered, if she breaks up with Buck, it would be interesting to see her go further and really use her investigative journalism skills to hold the 118 accountable. I mean, it’s great they do these major feats, but what about the risk involved? Buck, many times, went rogue and put himself and others in danger. It would be interesting to see Taylor remind us that heroes do cause collateral damage and deserve to be put under a microscope. That we shouldn’t let their grand feats make them immune to criticism.

On The Fence

Eddie’s Storyline

When Eddie was first introduced, it felt like he was pushed hard, fast, to the point of being overbearing. We’re back in that mindset of feeling like his character is given more than he deserves. I mean, take into consideration all he has gotten so far. Christopher has been built up more than any kid on this show besides May. He has had multiple relationships, which include his wife dying. His backstory is one of the most fleshed out in terms of both seeing the trauma and the effects. Now, add in all his family issues too?

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. Everyone is going through something, and 9-1-1 isn’t just about the job but the people behind the titles. But I just don’t feel like the investment in Eddie isn’t paying off. His mental health and PTSD, while wonderful stories, I can’t say between the writing or acting that focusing on Eddie has seemed like a good use of 9-1-1‘s time, and it hasn’t necessarily gotten better. It has its moments, but it lacks the kind of consistency that could make you feel that, like Hen, Eddie can and deserves to carry scenes outside of the ensemble.

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Hen, Taylor and Chim realizing Jonah is a criminal
9-1-1: Season 5/ Episode 17 “Hero Complex” – Recap/ Review
Hen, rightfully, gets the screen time she deserves as Eddie continues to be a character they want to make happen, and invest so much into, but the return is but a trickle.
Hen and Chim's Relationship
Taylor Putting Career Before Her Relationship
Eddie Reconciling With His Dad

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  1. Avatar of Andy

    What a terrible take on Eddie’s storyline! It’s been the saving grace of the weakest 911 season to date. And instead, praise goes to the most poorly written character in the 911 universe, one who changes personality from one plot to the next? Guess it’s my first and last visit on here, because we are clearly not watching the same show.

    • Avatar of Amari

      I think we are, but value different things the show offers. Like music, a show can mean different things to different people and we can get attached to one character and maybe not be fond of another. To me, Eddie’s entrance has been a bit of an issue since it seemed everyone got pushed aside. At first, it seemed to be for the sake of catching him up, development-wise, but with him being one of the few who consistently has a storyline and not getting benched, it made Hen getting a push a welcome change. It reminded me of the earlier seasons when 9-1-1 was a tighter show. Of which, Aisha Hinds was allowed to have arcs and be more than the voice of reason.

      And don’t get me wrong, I get for Guzman to become a better actor, he has to have storylines like Eddie has, and the chance to push himself, with the ability to make bad choices and not always hit it out of the park. However, as you noted, there is inconsistency when it comes to others like Hen, and I’d submit it is because the show doesn’t know how to balance everyone out. So it plays favorites, as shown with Eddie, and when the writers or producers get bored, they drop storylines and go back to focusing on a selected few characters. Maybe, on occasion, reminding us of things that have happened, but doing so long after the storyline has died down or was forgotten.

    • Avatar of Andy

      Wait, what? My comment about the poorly written character was by no means in reference to Hen, but to Taylor. The writers’ lame attempt at giving her a sad backstory this season failed spectacularly in my opinion and I for one cannot wait to see her gone.

      • Avatar of Amari

        *facepalm* in that case, I do agree with you to a point. A part of me likes Taylor, but I think she would work better in a reoccurring role where she isn’t dating Buck.

        For her back story with her dad potentially murdering her mom was… Eh. Again, I get the vibe they want everyone to have the opportunity to have a spotlight story but for some? I think they didn’t have the supporting actors they needed to really shine. Never mind a storyline that felt like it wasn’t made for a quick pop that can be wrapped up quickly – similar to each season’s big disaster.

        Which is why I can get your enjoyment of Eddie’s storyline. Out of all characters, he is the only one who has had a consistent plot/development since introduced and hasn’t been benched/ borderline forgotten for an extended time.

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