Missing Person Poster of Maddie

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Chimney makes his way to Boston in hopes of finding Maddie, but has he arrived before she is ready to go back, and will she continue to evade him?

Aired 3/28/2022
Network FOX
Directed By Dwight Little
Written By Lyndsey Beaulieu
Introduced This Episode
Kira A.J. Cook


Postpartum Thyroiditis – Maddie, Kira

After a suicide attempt, Maddie travels to the Boston area, where she trained to be a nurse, to seek postpartum treatment. There she reveals suicidal thoughts have been something she has dealt with since she was 9 when her brother died. As for whether it was genetic? As we know, Maddie’s parents weren’t much for talking too much, so the only thing Maddie knows for sure is her mom did get depressed as well when her brother died. Beyond that? She can at least say she has never self-harmed, and beyond trying to drown herself 3 days ago, she hasn’t had multiple attempts to end her life.

As for what brought her so low she could even consider ending her life? From what the doctor says, it is Postpartum Thyroiditis. The symptoms we’re told are anxiety, insomnia, and essentially shut a person down. And once that happens, Maddie is given hormone therapy and a regimen that can guide her to a new normal. A journey she shares with another mom, Kira, who struggles with alcoholism.

You Gotta Earn Your Miracles – Eli, Chim

As we saw in episode 7 of this season, Chim headed to Boston to find Maddie after suspecting she had returned to where she was last happy. That led to him meeting up with his old friend Eli who convinces Chim that, rather than wait and hope, Maddie just walks by, like how things would work in the movies, he has to work to earn his miracle. So, Chim begins volunteering to help save people, and on St. Patrick’s day, he does quite a bit of work since the city seemingly is engulfed in madness.

You Gotta Run Towards Something, Not Away – Kira, Maddie, Chim

Kira (A.J. Cook) congratulating Maddie
Kira (A.J. Cook)

Kira’s struggles were eased by the idea that she wasn’t the only mom who couldn’t see their child because of who they were. But, with realizing she and Maddie weren’t in the same boat, this triggered her binge drinking. Well, that and St. Patrick’s day, for, as Single Drunk Female has shown us, trying to maintain sobriety in Boston on that day is a challenge. Thus Kira found herself heading back to square one.

Thankfully, before she could die of alcohol poisoning, Maddie finds her and helps keep her alive until help comes, but dang if Chim isn’t one of the EMTs that show up, and Maddie finds herself having to answer to him.

Now, mind you, Chim speaks from a place of love and worry, and Maddie gets that. Their mutual guilt even leads to a resolution. However, it is Jee-Yun growing up so much over the 6 months Maddie has been away, yet her still being calmed when Maddie sings and the child calling her momma, which truly makes Maddie feel redeemed. Thus leading her to decide she has been away long enough.

Things To Note

  • Unexpected Content Advisory: Miscellaneous (Conversations about suicide)

What Could Happen Next

  1. Us watching Chimney join Eddie at a new firehouse since his savings are down and his position given away



A Different Take On Postpartum Depression

Maddie talking to Chim and crying

Postpartum Depression remains one of those topics where you’re reminded that the miracle of motherhood comes with caveats. No person’s body can be so drastically changed for the survival and creation of another person without side effects. In the case of Maddie, it isn’t just stretch marks and a changing dynamic in her relationship, but at the chemical level, her thyroid changing.

As with all depictions of postpartum depression, 9-1-1 pushes you to recognize the signs, presents the science, and normalizes that feeling disconnected from your baby or the world is normal. Despite the imagery of the perfect mom and family that is being chipped away for a more realistic depiction, you don’t need to see yourself as an exception. Between thyroids and other stuff that is going on in your life, you don’t need to listen to the romanticized version of a woman’s strength to carry and deliver a baby. You are allowed to break down, have issues, and not be the rock the baby or your partner needs.

The whole idea of being a supermom from the day you realize you were pregnant is no longer considered healthy. You are a person who deserves to have flaws, the inability to be at the top of your game at a moment’s notice and to seek help. All of which Maddie has shown us in a way that is a call for grace for not just new moms but also mothers who have experience in the role. Because even with a support system, the role is by no means easy, and trying to be the light for a little one when you can barely have that fire be too bright for yourself is hard.

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Missing Person Poster of Maddie
9-1-1: Season 5/ Episode 12 “Boston” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Maddie's struggles are put front and center, creating one of the most notable returns to the show in quite some time.
A Different Take On Postpartum Depression

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