Chim waiting to see if Maddie is safe.

Similar to the bank robbery episode last season, it’s all about the con in the latest episode of 9-1-1.

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Similar to the bank robbery episode last season, it’s all about the con in the latest episode of 9-1-1.

Directed By Marshall Tyler
Written By Nadia Abass-Madden, Andrew Meyers
Aired (Fox) 4/13/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

The Original Plan – Greg

Excuse not naming names but, we’re not going to see the majority of the people involved with the crime again. So, the basis of the plan was, take over the 911 dispatch to reroute the police away from the Pacific Concert Hall, where Greg’s people were going to cut out around half a billion worth of paintings. The job was all supposed to be done in an hour, and then they would leave.

When Things Went Wrong – Athena, Maddie, Chim, Greg

There were multiple issues with that plan, however. The first being that Greg and the rest didn’t know the driver was the mastermind, and that she planned to screw them all over since they left their former driver, her dad, for dead. Alongside that, Chim catches on to Maddie’s red flag and starts having a fit. And then Athena is sent to his home, after a rather strange 911 reroute, and she starts putting things together.

The combination of the driver screwing them over, Greg not knowing some of the other thieves were prepping to betray him, Maddie getting Athena involved, and the dispatchers overwhelming the hostage-takers, it leads to the situation ending. Well, at least for those who took over the building.

The Aftermath – Greg, Athena, Maddie, Chim

In the end, Greg gets arrested and reveals to the cops they didn’t get the driver. Who, within hours or days, was going to be Scott-free with her boyfriend, the original mark before Josh, who was the receptionist for the dispatchers. However, Athena and the cops get him, and the driver, while they are having the paintings loaded up on the train. For, despite the driver having everything nailed down, from removing GPS trackers from the paintings and more, what she didn’t think of is her boyfriend’s GPS on his phone that ultimately gave them away.

Leaving nearly all going to jail, but the boyfriend, who decides to go to trial. Why? Well, he thinks diminished capacity due to falling in love would make a good defense.

Boy is he an idiot.


Appreciating Multi-Episode Cases

Maddie's boss threatening the hostage takers.

Don’t take the lack of name dropping the wrong way, we truly did enjoy this arc. Similar to the bank robbery, it had twists and turns, and while it wasn’t so great you could imagine it being a movie, it did break up the lull “9-1-1” does develop as certain storylines get stagnant, if not a bit dull.

Now, granted, the twist of the driver being someone’s daughter didn’t really have the same kick as the twist we saw in season 2, episode 15. But I’d contribute that to the acting being a bit more stiff and the person who led this arc, Greg, not being comparable to Marty getting one over on the 118. Much less, Maddie’s life didn’t seem all that threatened, which did take the oomph out of it a bit.

Appreciating Multi-Episode Cases - 80%


While the lack of any real serious threat made this event arc pale in comparison to the one from season 2, it was still a nice little shakeup from the norm.

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