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The Unicorn Ending Explained (Spoilers)

The Unicorn (2019) - Black and White title Card

Is A Sequel Possible

Yes, considering Caleb and Malory don’t end up officially married. The person who orchestrates the ceremony where Lou and Edie renew their vows marries them in words, but it is clear they aren’t ready to get the marriage license yet.

How The Movie Ends

After a wild 24 hours, give or take, Caleb and Malory dealt with an energy alchemist in Jesse, a dancer turned club owner in Tyson, and an actual sex worker named April. After all that, what they learn is arguably nothing. Well, besides Caleb is very insecure and when it comes to Malory? Taking note that she knows most people are engaged for 14 and a half months, her bringing up her parents having threesomes, and being fine with Cal having a gay experience with Tyson, maybe she was waiting for him to step up? You know, say we’re getting the marriage certificate this date, take some PTO and we’re going to get it done.

But, that isn’t Caleb. He’d rather take the time to have one of his wisdom teeth made into a ring than set aside time so that he and Malory can be officially husband and wife. But, as noted before, maybe it is just, with these two, they feel their relationship is fine as is. Making Malory’s embarrassment, and the pressure Caleb is under, a result of Malory’s sister indirectly pressuring them to get married, have kids, and all that, alongside Edie pressing them.

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