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Even if not a follower of The Conjuring Universe, The Nun will definitely help you understand the hype and definitely put you on edge a little bit. Director(s) Corin Hardy Screenplay By Gary Dauberman Date Released 9/6/2018 Genre(s) Horror Good If You Like Jump Scares Noted Cast Father Burke Demián Bichir Sister Irene Taissa Farmiga…

Even if not a follower of The Conjuring Universe, The Nun will definitely help you understand the hype and definitely put you on edge a little bit.

Director(s) Corin Hardy
Screenplay By Gary Dauberman
Date Released 9/6/2018
Genre(s) Horror
Good If You Like Jump Scares
Noted Cast
Father Burke Demián Bichir
Sister Irene Taissa Farmiga
Frenchie (Maurice) Jonas Bloquet
Daniel August Maturo, Jack Falk

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Sometime during the dark ages, a Duke who was heavily into the dark arts summoned the demon Valak. Not too long after the summoning the Catholic church raided the duke’s castle and claimed it for themselves. Turning it into a convent. However, despite defeating the Duke and seemingly sealing away Valak, the job was not complete. Leaving generations of nuns having to fight the demon by perpetual prayer.

That is, until Father Burke, Sister Irene, and Frenchie (aka Maurice) show up. During their stay, they are haunted by the nuns who died, and Father Burke by a young man named Daniel he tried to exorcise. For that is what the father does – investigate both miracles and strange happenings. Sometimes providing exorcisms if necessary. As for why Sister Irene was there? Well, because she had visions as a child and seemingly members of the church in Vatican City thought she’d be of help. Leaving Frenchie. He simply was the man who discovered the body of a hung nun and creates a reason to investigate the isolated covenant that no one of the nearby village speaks of.

Yet, with what happens in this film, and how it connects to the others, while the townspeople may not speak of what evil lived in the duke’s former castle, Valak found a way to spread his power and name across the world.


You Will Be Affected By Jump Scares

When it comes to the horror genre, while they are covered on this site, you will rarely ever see one which advertises jump scares. Yet, it is good to try different things right? Well, maybe. For the way this film is made, God help you if someone walks by you to go to the bathroom or get snacks – you’ll end up screaming like a frightened white woman alone in a seemingly empty parking deck. Not to imply the movie doesn’t prepare you. Everyone knows once the music gets low or silent, something is about to happen, but it doesn’t make a demon popping up or Daniel speaking in a demonic tone any less freaky.


You Don’t Listen Do You?

Sister Irene, towards the end of the movie, trying to find the ritual site to seal Valak.

Sister Irene is someone who has visions and the ghost of past nuns warn her about so much but she doesn’t listen to them. Whether it is not looking back, to maintain her prayers no matter what, it is like God is speaking to her but she finds what they are saying to be the least interesting path to take. So, instead, she decides to follow the ghostly figure who she got warned about in length.

It isn’t just her though. Random noises seem to be like catnip to Father Burke and Frenchie and send them following entities which they either know are dead or look suspicious – even at night. Then, towards the end of the movie, they split up. You are in the catacombs, looking for a ritual site, and you’ve already experienced mad demonic stuff, which can physically hurt you, yet you are splitting up!

This is why I don’t touch these jump scare movies. The people act so stupidly it makes you wanna be that person who talks in the middle of the movie. You need some kind of cathartic release.

On The Fence

The Story Is Okay, But I Don’t Know If It Works For Those Unfamiliar With The Franchise

If you go to the movies as much as I do, you’ll be aware of The Conjuringir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=b02e7402208f2fc1013f9b1c725f6fbb& cb=1536285306520 franchise thanks to trailers and will have some grasp over what goes down. However, with only seeing The Conjuring 2ir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=6e4c4e0efa182fa17706407dfb6dac9c& cb=1536285322576, I didn’t really get the story all that much. I understood the point was Father Burke investigating an incident, Sister Irene helping, and Maurice seemingly connecting this film to ones which take place after it. However, like most horror movies, there isn’t that certain oomph that dispels the stigma most horror films have.

That is, that horror films, similar to action films like The Fast & The Furiousir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=4e3ba32594be9420419136f832979693& cb=1536285291476, will only have just enough story to set up big moments. In the case of The Nun, that would be Valak popping up, in various forms, and scaring the daylights out of you. But, with that said, unless you are a snob and are put horror films to the same standard as Oscar nominees, you’ll get what you paid for and enjoy yourself. May not fully know how this movie plays a role in the larger franchise, but it is good enough to be a standalone motion picture.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

Farther Burke reading books left in a grave he ended up trapped in.

While, by no means, am I compelled to catch up on the franchise, The Nun has made me appreciate jump scare horror films a bit more. To the point, I kind of want to see more yet also feel the need to remind myself I’m jumpy enough in real life. So, with that in mind, why put myself through that by watching a movie in which the goal is to make you jump out of your seat?

With that said, despite an initial positive label, I feel the need to downgrade this to mixed. For, really thinking about it, as entertaining as the jump scares were, I feel like we’re in a post IT era. Meaning, when it comes to horror, a bunch of jump scares and horrific images aren’t the sole requirements for the movie being good. You need a compelling story beyond the initial setup to explain why this or that is happening. Add in how truly dumb the characters act and while this film will get you passionate about what’s happening, to the point of wanting to shout at the screen, that may not be as good of a thing as said in the first version of this review. Really thinking it over, being that frustrated isn’t being passionate but knowing better and thus wanting better. Especially from a franchise that has been around for years, hires talented actors, yet seems unable to craft a horror film that could stand the test of time.

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