The California No – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

64.52% (3)

The California No‘s Ending (Spoilers)

The California No - Title Card

The movie ends for Elliott with his life no better than when the movie began. He tells Allison he wants a divorce, and she rejects it. Not because they are in California, he is broke, so she’d be giving up a lot. Nope. It is because her dad died alone and she doesn’t want to end life the same. As for his relationship with Kaley? She utterly rejects the idea of him leaving his wife for her since she doesn’t want him. He is unemployed, depressing, and she doesn’t need that in her life.

So we end things with him back home may be willing to work things out with Allison or prepping to stand firm in what he said previously. As in we’re left on a cliffhanger not knowing what his ultimate decision is or whether she is up the stairs looking, or waiting, for him.

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