The Boonies (2019) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

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Community Rating: 55.83% (1) | How This Number is Tabulated


The Boonies is a silly comedy with heart, a taste of mystery, and a diverse mix of drama.

Director(s)Brad T Gottfred
Screenplay ByBrad T Gottfred
Date Released (Digital Platforms)11/11/2019
Genre(s)Comedy, Mystery
Good If You Like
  • Friends Reunited By Force
  • Secrets & Shocking Reveals
  • Simple Mysteries
  • Characters Who Are Borderline Ridiculous
Noted Cast
DougCalum Worthy
TeddyCody Ko
HollyAndi Matichack
ChuckKyle Jones
StephanieLauren Elizabeth
Eloise (Elektra)Anymarie Gaertner

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Plot Summary/ Review

For nearly half a year, Doug, a member of the group formerly known as the Boonies, has been dead. But, the day before graduation it is revealed he kept over a million dollars found when he, best friend Teddy, Holly, Chuck, Stephanie, and Eloise, now called Elektra, were ten. However, to get that money, the now, mostly, separated group will have to come together, set aside who is popular, has big boobs, is dating whoever, to win that money, and keep certain secrets within the circle. Some who could get people seriously hurt.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments and Commentary

  • There is a mid-credit scene.


Those Who Like Goofy & Over The Top Will Love This

Between Chuck, who plays a dumb cowboy, lovestruck over Stephanie, Holly, who acts like a drama club nerd, and Stephanie who has a short temper, the amount of ridiculous moments in this film is high. Yet, being that the film sells you that it isn’t trying to be serious, you find yourself welcoming it. Mind you, will there be times when you roll your eyes and have to put your head in your hand? Yes. For sometimes you will honestly want to ask how can someone be so ridiculous, around other people, on camera.

However, that’s part of the film’s charm and the group being able to stick together despite the antics of the others, it helps you understand how, 8 or so years ago, they were a tight group. One that, like so many friendships, didn’t seem to survive high school and puberty.


Calum Worthy (Doug) sitting at a desk.
Calum Worthy (Doug)

What can I say? I’m a Calum Worthy fan, and he has an undeniable draw power. Which makes the film use him as the focal point help when it comes to getting into the film’s tone. His portrayal as some weird kid who died, yet somehow left mad videos that seem to know everyone’s move, it greatly assists you in understanding the humor you are going to get and getting into the characters.

Which isn’t to say when Worthy isn’t there the movie is a snoozefest. However, there is something about the reaction characters have to him vs. each other, that isn’t the same.

On The Fence

There Is A Need To Acknowledge This Isn’t For Everyone

Sidestepping my personal love for Boonies, there is a need to note there are certain things that might be an issue for you. The big one being Holly and how much her breasts are used for gags and how she is said to be smart yet acts very stupid. On top of that, there is Elektra’s situation with her ex who is stalking her and is very possessive. Something not taking as serious as it should, due to the tone of the movie, and that might unsettle you a bit.

Elektra (Anymarie Gartner), Holly (Andi Matichack), Stephanie (Lauren Elizabeth), Teddy (Cody Ko), and Chuck (Kyle Jones) in The Boonies.
Left to right: Elektra (Anymarie Gartner), Holly (Andi Matichack), Stephanie (Lauren Elizabeth), Teddy (Cody Ko), and Chuck (Kyle Jones)

Beyond that? There is Chuck fitting the dumb Texan stereotype, and little weird moments, which might be funny for some but possibly offensive for others. I can’t and won’t name them all, but consider this just an FYI.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

The key to enjoying The Boonies is recognizing this isn’t aiming for smart comedy. Like many indie films, due to the backers not being a huge international company, there is less of a worry about political correctness and trying to reach some global market. Instead, there is a clear focus on people who will get the humor and appreciate it. If you don’t, simply put, then this isn’t for you. However, if you do get it, you are welcome.

Leading to why this is being labeled positive. Now, as the number shows, this just hit the minimum for consideration, and, if we’re being honest, it was because of Worthy’s contribution. For as much as I can enjoy goofy comedy, to the point the actors are being embarrassingly ridiculous, that isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. So, if you like your movies goofy, with a touch of mystery, a dash of romance, and a bit of betrayal, catch The Boonies on digital platforms on November 11th.



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