Movies Take The Ten - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Take The Ten – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

After Revolori’s past performances in Dope as well as The Grand Budapest Hotel, combined Josh Peck’s work, of which I honestly only know him for The Wackness and appearing in David Dobrik videos (I wasn’t a Drake and Josh fan), there was some hope here. I figured, like XOXO, it would be a decent movie which features some familiar faces, bad writing, but the occasional moments which make up for that. Boy was I wrong.

Noted Actor(s)

Chris (Josh Peck) | Johnny (Andy Samberg) | Chester (Tony Revolori)

Characters & Storyline

Chris, like his brother Johnny, is a douche. He doesn’t want to work too hard to make money and would even lie to his best friend Chester to make extra cash. However, Chester wants out of America and wants to go to Brazil so Chris will soon be on his own. So, one last scam is haphazardly planned so that they both can go to a concert. Problem is, it involves a drug dealer, his girlfriend, and stealing from the place he and Chester works at. What could go wrong?

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Does Kevin Corrigan always play drug addicts now?
  2. Andy Samberg is barely in the movie.


It Tries To Present the Lives Of Each Character Equally

To be honest, I’m pulling this compliment out of thin air. However, I will admit I liked being able to see what happened for Chester up to a certain point then rewinding and seeing what happened with Chris. As a storytelling technique, it has been done much better, but I liked the pseudo-attempt at trying to make this movie less linear and terribly generic.


It’s Trash

Ok, while The Wackness was good, that was 2008. Josh Peck, since then, hasn’t really been in anything worth seeing to me, except Pitch, in 8 going on 9 years. So why in the world I thought this movie could be good was beyond me. Then with Revolori, while he has had more consistent and quality films, like Michael Peña and Alexander Skarsgård, he is not ready to play a lead. Especially if the main person he is playing off of isn’t a better actor.

But it isn’t their performances but more so the writing which is an issue. Supposedly, this is a comedy but I can’t recall laughing once. Maybe a chuckle, but that was as I walked away from my computer questioning if I should even finish this. For honestly, films like these make you wonder if Netflix is just putting money into anything they can to make up for all the movies they lose the licensing to every month. Which, in the long term, if they keep releasing trash like this, and arguably mediocre stuff like A Series of Unfortunate Events, they can say goodbye to their brand being placed on some sort of pedestal. For it is starting to seem like they are more worried about quantity than quality.

Overall: Negative (Skip It)

I honestly have no more thoughts about this. It was terrible and if it wasn’t just a little over an hour, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered to finish it.

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