Swimming Home (2024)

Starring MacKenzie Davis and Christopher Abbott, between them we watch a increasingly estranged couple, potentially towards the end of their relationship, try to enjoy a vacation featuring a young woman enamored by Abbott’s character.

All That We Love (2024)

Starring Margaret Cho and Kenneth Choi, in “All That We Love,“ we watch as an estranged ex husband and father with the best/worst timing, tries to reconcile with his ex wife and daughter.

Sacramento (2024)

As two long time friends, deal with how they have become estranged, one is dealing with the weight of pending fatherhood, which is leading them to become an anxious mess.

The Wasp (2024)

Starring Natalie Dormer and Naomi Harris, prepare for twists, reveals, and a shocking ending that reminds you the writing needs to match the performances for any surprises to work.

She Loved Blossoms More (2024)

Three brothers, mourning their mother, are tasked with creating a machine that could bring her back. However, as they make progress, things and people end up sacrificed.

Don’t You Let Me Go (2024)

After her best friend’s wake, a woman travels back to a weekend they shared to relive experiencing her friend one last time.

A Mistake (2024)

Starring Elizabeth Banks, we watch as a doctor handles the death of a patient from her protégé’s guilt, the administration’s desire to lessen the blow, to parents who just want answers.

The Other, Gold (2024)

In a multi week spanning movie, Farrah tries to navigate her feelings and frustrations as another wave of COVID hits, as well as the realization some of her relationships might be over.

Some Rain Must Fall (2024)

Starring Yu Aier, a housewife slowly watches her world fall apart and finds herself in constant search for something to grab onto that will hold her up.

Winter Spring Summer or Fall (2024)

Starring Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White known for “Wednesday”, in this Tribeca Film Festival release, the two are seniors unsure of where their relationship could or should go.