Mixed (Divisive)

Due to this movie having a few quirks, of which may work for some and for others be a problem, we believe your enjoyment of this movie will depend on your taste.

The Image of You (2024) Movie Review

Starring Sasha Pieterse of “Pretty Little Liars” fame, in this digital release, we watch as twin girls attracted to the same man create collateral damage in pursuit of that man.

Prom Dates (2024) Movie Review

As two friends seek out prom dates to hold up a pact they made as kids, you watch a film that seems as beholden to the familiar as its leads are to their promise.

Tarot (2024) Movie Review

“Tarot” scrapes the surface of the major arcana to create beings good for a jump scare but delivers a story that is more to holdover horror fans than become a classic.

Breathe (2024) Movie Review

In this post-apocalyptic tale, Milla Jovovich continues to show she is one of the top action stars out there, but the writing and story don’t deserve her.

Boy Kills World (2024) Movie Review

Bloody and gory, as promised, “Boy Kills World” is an action movie that, in the latter half, tries to switch things up to possibly good results.

Wildcat (2024) Movie Review

While you may think “Wildcat” is a biopic, more so, it is a series of short stories by Flannery O’Connor linked up and barely featuring the writer in a notable capacity.

Asleep In My Palm (2024) Movie Review

“Asleep In My Palm” is one of those movies that drop you into a character’s life, doesn’t make much of a push to catch you up, and instead leans towards you seeing someone as they are.

The Brink Of (2024) Movie Review

“The Brink Of” may have a few catchy indie pop songs, but the will they or won’t they at the heart of it may not win too many over.

Abigail (2024) Movie Review

While “Abigail” certain has developed characters that could derive interest, the story is made to only be good enough if the only thing you desire is the type of violence only a vampire movie could have.

Parachute (2024) Movie Review

In “Parachute,” we’re reminded how love and romance isn’t a cure but sometimes a drug to alleviate symptoms.

Arcadian (2024) Movie Review

In a world where monsters attack at night, we see yet another world, post-apocalypse, where a handful of people struggle to survive.

The Greatest Hits (2024) Movie Review

“The Greatest Hits” brings visuals to the saying, “Music moves you,” as a woman is repeatedly transported through time when triggered by songs that hold memories of her deceased ex.

Sting (2024) Movie Review

Paired with tapping into fears of arachnophobia is a young girl trying to deal with her mom having a new baby and her stepdad trying to fill in the spot her biological dad abandoned.

Kemba – Movie Review and Summary

“Kemba” presents an important case highlighting how the NAACP, specifically the Legal Defense Fund (LDF), didn’t stop being assets after the 1960s.