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Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Ending (Spoilers)

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Mowgli standing on a rock, overlooking the jungle and the village.

After Shere Khan murdered his parents, a panther named Bagheera, formerly domesticated, took pity on Mowgli. He arranged for a local wolf clan to take him in and being that he was a member of the pack, it was considered and accepted. However, as Mowgli grew, so came fears of Shere Khan finishing what he started and the question of whether Mowgli could pass the pack’s trials – which meant Bagheera hunting him, and his “siblings,” like prey.

Something Bagheera doesn’t have much faith in so he tries to push Mowgli to integrate into the local human village. However, with him being raised wolf, Mowgli has little to no interest. So, with Baloo as his teacher, because why wouldn’t a bear teach wolves to survive in the jungle, he plans to stay in the pack and pass the trials.

Leading to Bagheera, as Shere Khan begins to threaten the wolves for protecting a human, focusing squarely on Mowgli to make sure he fails and feel like he has no choice. Unfortunately, stubborn as ever, Mowgli still doesn’t go to the humans. Instead, he finds himself eventually kidnapped by the monkeys, who seemingly work for Shere Khan, rescued by Kaa, and then dealing with Akela, head of the wolfpack, being challenged. Why? Well, because he is getting old, missed his kill, and so it is time.

Upon seeing Akela be ripped by younger members of the pack, Mowgli runs to the human village, he has been watching for some time, and gets fire. Something he saw the power of when Tabaqui, Shere Khan’s top lackey, was burned by it when he tried to sniff around the human village. But, with using human weapons against his pack, including Shere Khan who was waiting for Akela to fall, Mowgli is excommunicated. Thus giving Bagheera what he wanted as Mowgli ends up wandering into the human village and being captured like an animal.

This doesn’t last too long though. The colonizer there, who goes by Lockwood, lets him out and mentors him a bit. Teaches him to hunt and eventually Mowgli integrated – to a point. That is until one of the wolves tells Mowgli that Shere Khan has taken over and caused a civil war amongst wolves. Also, upon the discovery that Lockwood is a poacher and killed Mowgli’s wolf friend, Bhoot, he decides to turn on him and handle Shere Khan.

How? Well, when Mowgli accidentally got trapped in a tiger pit, an elephant saved him. An elephant who lost part of its tusk to Lockwood. But, with Mowgli returning it to him, the elephant, and offering their hunter if they help him kill Shere Khan, so begins them both getting vengeance.

A task both accomplish as the elephant swings its trunk and sends Lockwood flying and as for Shere Khan? Well, after a bit of a tussle with Mowgli, being shot at, Akela jumping in, and then Mowgli stabbing him in the head, he dies. Thus leading to Mowgli becoming the peacekeeper between man and the jungle.

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