Made In Malta shows why closure is so difficult to obtain and perhaps is best left to fiction and dreams.

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Made In Malta shows why closure is so difficult to obtain and perhaps is best left to fiction and dreams.

Director(s) Julian Galea
Screenplay By Julian Galea
Date Released 7/3/2019
Genre(s) Romance, Drama
Good If You Like Seeing A Former Couple Seek Out An Understanding Of Why Their Relationship Ended
Isn’t For You If You Don’t Like A Lot Of Conversations About Death, Illness, Ceding Control, Instead Of Getting To The Point
Noted Cast
Vincent Greg Audino
Annalisa Ariadna Cabrol
Joe Julian Galea

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Made In Malta Plot Summary

Back in college, Annalisa and Vincent fell in love and it went so far to them living together. However, after a fight, the Barcelona raised Annalisa left and remained absent from Vincent’s life for 5 years. But, during a trip to Malta, where he is premiering his first feature-length film, Annalisa tracks him down and pursues them talking about their past, their present, and what complicated future they could have.

Collected Quote(s) or .Gifs

I think it takes real loss to realize that you don’t have anything to lose, you know?
— Vincent


There Is A Wishful Vibe To It

It’s clear with the way Vincent and Annalisa were written that Galea is drawing from either a personal or known relationship. For, in many ways, it is like we get a book adaptation in which you know you are getting a shortened version of a longer tale. One in which you can tell the reason why Vincent loved Annalisa was because she reminded him of his father, who he has a complicated relationship with. Then, when you add in the romanticism, it creates this sense of longing, regret, and vibe that all we see is a love letter to someone Galea doesn’t have the address for. Someone who he can’t find on social media or feels the only way everything can be said and done properly has to be in person.


Joe Did Not Need To Be In This Movie – At All

One of the unfortunate things that come with the making of indie movies is often a limited cast and budget. Due to that, sometimes directors/ writers insert themselves into their films, and in Made In Malta’s case, Galea inserts himself as Vincent’s landlord. Which wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for the fact Joe is made to be comical but just ends up a character who should have been cut. He is so out of place in this film that it pushes the idea Joe is more so in this film so Galea could appear in it than Joe actually having anything to add to the plot.

On The Fence

Sometimes The Discussions Felt They Went On And On

While you can find enjoyment in Vincent and Annalisa’s conversations about death, control, the illnesses of their parents, and seeing them get into their old rhythm, at times it may seem a bit much. Especially since it goes on and on and there isn’t so much a back and forth as there is one person having what could be seen as a monologue until the other either says they don’t get it or disagrees. Not often with an interesting counterpoint, but more so an argument on why the other person is wrong. Seemingly driven more by ego or cultural differences than the pursuit of coming to an understanding.

Which, in many ways, helps you understand why the two broke up and why, when Vincent has a moment in pursuing what Annalisa meant, it leads to a bright big smile on her face.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

Though a sometimes touching post-love story, at times it feels like Made In Malta is the actual relationship and not the epilogue it seems to want to be. Likely explaining why it feels so long for it essentially is set up to be the end between its lead characters. Yet, there is something strangely honest about the chemistry and conversations that pushes you to be far more engaged than you should be. Hence the mixed label. Made In Malta may seem like it could use some retooling, but if you simply accept it for what it is, while it may not be one of the best romance films you’ve watched, it could very well trigger a sense of nostalgia and quickly remind you why nostalgia is BS.

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There Is A Wishful Vibe To It - 85%
Joe Did Not Need To Be In This Movie – At All - 65%
Sometimes The Discussions Felt They Went On And On - 75%


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