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Love Wedding Repeat (2020) – Review/ Summary with Spoilers

by Amari

Operating on a level of cringe that will make it either hilarious or off=putting, “Love Wedding Repeat” surely isn’t for everyone.

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Director(s)Dean Craig
Screenplay ByDean Craig
Date Released (Netflix)4/10/2020
Genre(s)Comedy, Romance
Duration1 Hour, 40 Minutes
Noted Cast
HayleyEleanor Tomlinson
RobertoTiziano Caputo
JackSam Claflin
DinaOlivia Munn
BryanJoel Fry
RebeccaAisling Bea
SidneyTim Key
MarcJack Farthing
ChazAllan Mustafa
CristinaFrancesca Rocco
VitelliPaolo Mazzarelli
AmandaFreida Pinto

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Summary

Hayley’s wedding day seems potentially perfect for multiple people. For her, she is marrying this Italian man, Roberto, whose family can afford a villa for their wedding. In terms of her older brother, Jack, the wedding gives him the opportunity to reconnect, after 3 years, with a journalist named Dina. Then, for the rest of the attendees, ranging from Hayley’s maid of honor, Bryan, to Rebecca, Sidney, and more, they too have the opportunity to make a connection.

However, in this multi-part comedy, no one expected one of Hayley’s exes, Marc, to show up. Thus leading us to seeing the multiple scenarios of how people are trying to handle that situation, all the while connecting with the person they came to see or simply connect with anyone.


If You Like Cringe Inducing Humor, This Is For You

“Love Wedding Repeat” is a movie with relishes in awkward moments. Be it one character, Sidney, going on and on about himself to Dina, Chaz worrying he doesn’t measure up to Jack, who is the ex of his current girlfriend, or the uncomfortable idea that Hayley asks of her brother to roofie her ex. Which is the base of this film – the wrong person getting roofied due to kids changing the place settings. Thus causing loads of hijinks.

All of which may split the audience, in terms of who may find this funny, or cringeworthy. For while the awkwardness of potential romance may make you laugh, if your humor can’t set aside the awkwardness of everyone, or how annoying some characters, Chaz and Sidney, can be, you may struggle to get through this.

On The Fence

The Romances Are Rather Weak

Despite this being a romance film, nearly all of the romantic pairings are weak and surely aren’t the kind you’ll swoon over. Hayley’s husband, Roberto, we barely get to know the man. He seems nice, but as for who he is? That isn’t gone into. Heck, even when it comes to Jack and Dina, the main couple, while Dina does talk about her mother and work, they don’t really have chemistry. They are just two attractive people talking. But as for sparks flying, envy, or you rooting for any couple, even those not mentioned in this subject? That doesn’t happen.

The Time Rewind Feature Seems Strictly Used To Lengthen The Film

“Love Wedding Repeat” uses what is commonly known as the “Groundhog Day” time loop, which has it where we see what would happen if Jack drugged the wrong person, himself, or Marc. This isn’t introduced until we’re an hour into the movie and at that point, the fatigue has already started to hit. Primarily because, while characters are likable, as noted in the previous topic, you aren’t necessarily rooting for anyone. So things changing so they may get a better result feels less like moments being rearranged and more like they filmed all the drafts this went through before they decided to just stick to a happy ending.


Would Watch Again? – One and Done

Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

“Love Wedding Repeat” doesn’t necessarily live up to its whole name. Love is barely a factor as none of the couples seem to be in love, the wedding itself, while beautiful, Marc makes it clear Hayley maybe should have waited, and the repeat? While it does repeat and change certain aspects, considering the minimal reason to invest in most situations, the repeat just seems like a means to hit the usual 90 minute time length.

Ending Spoilers

In the end, despite cheating on Roberto weeks before, with Marc, Hayley and Roberto get married. Now, as for why the coked-up Marc doesn’t say anything? Well, in the final version of what happens, Jack ends up drugging himself with Hayley’s sleep medicine. So it is Bryan’s speech and being pushed to realize Hayley is truly happy with Roberto that gets him to back off. Thus ending an infatuation which started when Marc was 15.

Alongside that, Bryan, thanks to his speech, and noting his love for Rebecca, a girl who clearly had a thing for him for who knows how long, the famous Italian director, Vitelli, gives Bryan his card. Which could very well lead to his big break. Beyond that? Sidney meets someone named Cristina who, thanks to Jack’s advice, he hits it off with, and in terms of Dina and Jack? Well, after the sleeping medicine wears off, he apologizes for seeming bored as she talked about her mother’s terminal cancer, and despite someone almost interrupting their kiss, again, he gets it.

Now, let it be known, they don’t start dating and go off into the sunset, due to her being called to work in Mexico, but between the kiss and her giving Jack unlimited chances, it seems something could happen down the line. Oh, and Chaz breaks off his engagement to Amanda – Jack’s ex.

Sequel Potential

Considering how many couples are made, or begin their relationship, they could repeat all we saw in this movie with different nuptials.

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