Level 16 (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

72.42% (32)

Level 16 could be used to talk about feminism and autonomy but from an entertainment perspective? It’s a bit of a bore.

Director(s) Danishka Esterhazy
Written By Danishka Esterhazy
Date Released 3/1/2019
Genre(s) Drama
Good If You Like Films Which Have A Lukewarm Message You Could Expand On
Isn’t For You If You Aren’t Trying To Write A Feminist Dissertation and Just Want To Be Entertained
Noted Cast
Ms. Brixil Sara Canning
Dr. Miro Peter Outerbridge
Vivien Katie Douglas
Sophia Celina Martin
Alex Vladimir Tsyglian
Ava Alexis Whelan

Level 16 Plot Summary (Ending Explained on Page 2)

Somewhere in Belarus is a school for young ladies which grooms them to be the perfect docile girls. However, one by one they learn their school, Vestalis, may not be as Ms. Brixil and Dr. Miro make it seem. Leading two girls, Vivien and Sophia, to not only search for the truth but a means to escape.


You Could Find Deeper Meaning If You Wanted To

Ms. Brixil (Sara Canning) talking to Vivien
Ms. Brixil (Sara Canning)

Level 16 has all that is required to present an article on feminism. We have young girls from childhood indoctrinated about purity in skin, being made to be docile, and waiting for a savior. On top of that, female friendships are weakened, and distrust sowed to keep women from forming bonds which could disturb the system. Also, once the secret is revealed, one could argue there comes the topic of traitors amongst the gender, how men create and reinforce ideals which are impossible for women to live up to, and so much more.

On The Fence

This Film Is So Dull

But, while someone could try to drum up this film and make it seem profound, I won’t. Why? Because this film was honestly too dull to get excited enough to go on such a tangent. Most of the girls, besides Sophia, Vivien, perhaps Ava, you will not be able to identify if you were given a name and a picture to match to. Then, when it comes to the secret and big reveal, it isn’t some huge shock or anything which would drive you to open your eyes wide.

Don’t get me wrong, Vestalis’ purpose makes sense, but neither Dr. Miro nor Ms. Brixil are performed in such a way to make the mystery or the truth all that interesting. Heck, even when the girls slowly learn the truth, nothing about their performances drive this film to be something worth taking note of.


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Sophia (Celina Martin) reacting to the truth.
Sophia (Celina Martin)

Level 16 could have had more impact if only it had stronger characters and writing. As noted, you can see so many bits of commentary on how girls are raised and how women are subjected to unrealistic standards. There is even the issue of women willingly assisting men in continuing this cycle of oppression either for approval or because they have been deeply brainwashed. If not they recognize the closest they can get to be empowered is by oppressing their own on behalf of their oppressor.

Yet, even with saying all that, this is a solid mixed title. It had potential and wasted it. All by keeping things very surface level and consistently hinting it could go further, but deciding that might require a bit too much effort. So, like many films, it seems to have left potential fans to find the deeper meaning and push the idea Level 16 is better than it is.

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Level 16 Ending Explained

How Does Level 16 End?

Vivien discovers the truth about what has been her home for 16 years,

Big picture: Vestalis is a company run by Dr. Miro who is a surgeon. One who takes the skin of young women like Vivien and Sophia and puts it on older women. Hence why the girls never go outside, have to take pills which only make them active 5 or so hours a day, and must sleep on their backs, and have a skin care regime when they are less than 10. That combination, alongside filtered air, keep them looking young until their skin can be removed.

However, multiple issues lead to the end of Dr. Miro’s practice. First and foremost, taking care of at least 20 girls is expensive, and he has some Eastern European mob financing and providing security. Second, while the girls are forced to separate if they get close to one another, Vivien and Sophia end up bonding. Add in the security detail are trash, to the point the half-blind Sophia can overpower them, so begins the fall of Dr. Miro’s house of cards.

For with Sophia, before caught, getting Vivien a security card, her keeping herself awake long enough to save Sophia, fight Ms. Brixil, and even help save the other girls, things end quite quickly and easily. That is despite the facility having at least 5+ floors. But with only a handful of people working security – and no one checking the cameras, what do you expect? Add in the likes of Alex, the only named guard, having a bit of a limp and not being that strong, the majority of the girls leave the building with ease.

The only exceptions are Vivien and Sophia, who hold themselves up in a security office. An office Dr. Miro tries to coax them out of but with it becoming clear Dr. Miro lost control of the operation, and has lost the mob a lot of money, they kill him and move on. Leaving Sophia and Vivien to be discovered by the cops the next morning and seemingly getting their freedom.

Does Level 16 Have Sequel Potential?

Sophia (Celina Martin) and Vivien (Katie Douglas) when discovered by police.
Sophia (Celina Martin) and Vivien (Katie Douglas)

Kind of? Considering the girls were trained to integrate into families, yet never learned to read or maybe even write, the film could try to redeem itself by showing their transition. However, this is an indie movie which is a drama. The likelihood of a sequel seems slim.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How much did it cost for a skin transplant?
  2. What way was Vivien punished as a kid? They can’t harm the skin so what did they do to her?
  3. The project was going on for at least 3 years, how much money has the mob put into that operation?
  4. Considering Dr. Miro bought all the children, how much did their parents sell them for?
  5. How were the girls getting their periods handled considering they were up for less than ¼ a day?
  6. Was Vestalis a former prison or mental hospital?

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