I Still See You – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

I Still See You presents an interesting murder mystery that will intrigue you more than you might have expected. Director(s) Scott Speer Written By Jason Fuchs, Daniel Waters Date Released 10/12/2018 Genre(s) Horror, Mystery Good If You Like Mysteries Dealing With Ghost. A Lead Who Kind Of Has An Obsession With The Dead. Movies In…

I Still See You presents an interesting murder mystery that will intrigue you more than you might have expected.

Director(s) Scott Speer
Written By Jason Fuchs, Daniel Waters
Date Released 10/12/2018
Genre(s) Horror, Mystery
Good If You Like Mysteries Dealing With Ghost.

A Lead Who Kind Of Has An Obsession With The Dead.

Movies In Which The Female Lead Doesn’t Necessarily Have a Love Interest.


Noted Cast
Dr. Steiner Louis Herthum
Ronnie Bella Thorne
Robert Shaun Benson
Kirk Richard Harmon
Mr. Bittner Dermot Mulroney
Brian Thomas Elms
Mary Arden Alfonso

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In the heart of Chicago, a man named Dr. Steiner was trying to create a doorway between the living and the dead and end up creating a hole. This hole created an explosion which rippled through Chicago, and its local suburbs, creating what are known as remnants. They are described as projections, holograms, of the now deceased and they are on loops. Some, like Ronnie’s dad, Robert, loop their morning routine of a paper and coffee. Others clean their lawn, go to work, and etc.

However, one day Ronnie, a young woman ten years separated from the event that took her father, meets a new remnant. One which pops up in her bathroom, after she showers, and tells her to run. This warning goes against all Ronnie and other kids are taught about remnants so she asks a boy obsessed with them named Kirk his thoughts, also her teacher Mr. Bittner.

Leading to us trying to figure out why was Ronnie warned by this remnant named Brian. Also, what is Brian’s history and is he a friend or foe? Alongside other remnants who decides to go against what most do and interact with the living, specifically Ronnie.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Ronnie is 16.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. I get why those during the event showed up, but why people who had to be dead for more than 100 years?


It Has A Good Emotional Moment At The End

I cried during the ending. Not some big, my eyes hurt, my throat feels like it is infected, kind of cry. But definitely got emotional in an unexpected way.

The Mystery Element Was Quite Interesting

Brian leaving a message for Ronnie to run.
Mirror: Run

I wasn’t suspecting a quality mystery because, to be frank, Thorne has a very iffy track record. She has an undeniable charm, even as Ronnie who is kind of like a My Chemical Romance emo or goth. Yet, as we get into what remnants are, the rules they follow, and this possible murder plot, any hesitation you have becomes unfounded.

For you realize it isn’t really about Thorne and her star power, it’s about the story. Trying to understand why is she a target and why this remnant, who she has no connection to, is focused on her? Also, why is he in his underwear? Then, later, why does he keep showing up and breaking this rule that remnants only exist in loops?

It pushes you to make theories and guesses, and then when you meet people who have some kind of answers, they shift. Not necessarily keeping you guessing until the end, but definitely engaged and entertained about the possibilities. Even as you see the film is coming to an end.

Ronnie Didn’t Have A Love Interest Really

While Ronnie’s friend hints that there might be some kind of feelings between Ronnie and Kirk, we don’t see that explored. Thankfully, it is established that with the possibility of Ronnie being killed, there isn’t time to be romanced. Heck, when Ronnie gets kissed by Kirk, to not get assaulted and seem like remnants, she questions if that was necessary to present such an illusion.

On The Fence

The Acting Was Good Enough

Ronnie (Bella Thorne) following Brian around the school gym in a daze.
Ronnie (Bella Thorne)

No one is going to be hailed as a master performer because of this movie. However, again, the mystery makes it so even though the acting choices aren’t consistently good or understandable, they don’t ruin the movie. You may grow tired of Thorne looking consistently dumbfounded, but Ronnie is going through a lot. You’d probably look a bit lost and bewildered yourself if all you thought you knew was slowly turning into a lie.

Why People Dead Long Before The Event Are Appearing?

While the movie tries to give a good enough explanation as to why this or that happens, when it comes to why people from past centuries intermingle with those who died in the event? That isn’t explained. We can fathom that they, like those who died in the event, just stepped or were forced back into the world of the living through the hole. However, why their loops adapt to modern places, like the girl who shows up in Mr. Bittner’s class, has to throw you off a bit.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing) | Purchase Or Rent On (Fandango/ Amazon) | Buy The Book This Is Based On

The film was better than expected. Originally I was going to see this in theaters but opted to stay home, and I feel I may have done myself a slight disservice in doing so. For the I Still See You does have a certain creep factor, and one or two jump scares, which probably would have been enhanced with a proper sound system – which my setup does not have. But, even without that, thanks to a fairly good story and good enough characters to tell said story, you get something worth seeing.

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