I Am Wrath feels like a watered-down Liam Neeson movie that lacks complexity, urgency or gives you any reason to feel attached.

Director(s) Chuck Russell
Screenplay By Paul Sloan
Date Released 4/15/2016
Genre(s) Crime, Drama, Action
Who Is This For? People Who Just Want To See Bullets Fly & Don’t Care About Who Gets Hit Or Why
Where To Buy, Rent, or Stream? Netflix
Noted Cast
Stan John Travolta
Abbie Amanda Scholl
Dennis Christopher Meloni
Governor Meserve Patrick St. Espirit
Vivian Rebecca De Mornay

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Plot Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

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A long time ago, Stan retired from being someone who killed people for a living. He instead decided to become a plant manager at factories owned by Chrysler, later Honda. However, with the death of someone close to him, in a city plagued with crime, he puts a pause on his current career to tap into the man he once was.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, how did his employer feel about him taking off days, or more, and not saying anything?
  2. Why was Abbie’s husband and their son not more freaked out about all that happened?
  3. How much did the Governor’s wife know?


If You Just Want To See A Bunch Of Shoot Outs & Hand to Hand Combat, This Is For You

While we don’t get flinch worthy moments, there is a certain amount of appreciation you may have for the coordination of the fight scenes. They may not make Travolta look good, badass, or anything like that, but they do allow Meloni to look cool, as Stan’s partner Dennis. Also, I’d submit the violence may not fully compensate for the lack of investment you’ll have in the stories and characters, but there is enough presented to keep you engaged just enough.


The Film Is So Bland That To Compare It To A Liam Neeson Movie Is A Compliment

Despite the violence bolstering this film, somewhat, it’s hard to ignore the lack of effort in the story. Be it the corruption angle, a woman being fridged for the benefit of the lead, or how both heroes and villains just don’t really connect with you. Heck, even Travolta, despite a storied career of notable characters, presents the kind of performance which leaves you feeling he acts because he doesn’t know others ways to make money than him truly loving the craft. Then, when it comes to everyone else? Honestly, they don’t even get a reaction out of you.

Even Meloni, who deserves minor praise, is but a sidekick so he isn’t allowed to have too much of a backstory or anything which could eclipse Travolta’s role. Making Dennis feel stunted and with a tight leash on him.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

I Am Wrath is mindless entertainment. Something to have on the background while doing dishes, working on other things, and acting as some sort of white noise. For the story doesn’t require your active attention to know what is happening, or is going to happen, and while some of the action scenes are vaguely interesting, they aren’t on the level where you may flinch, have your jaw drop, or open your eyes wide to process what happened. Hence the mixed label. I Am Wrath, which currently can be watched if you have a Netflix subscription, is perfect to put on to kill time but is not worth paying for on its own.

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I Am Wrath Ending Explained

After working up the chain from low-level thugs to the governor, and killing everyone involved with the death of his wife, Stan tries to commit suicide by cop. For with his wife dead, just because her environmental report didn’t support a project Governor Merserver wanted, what did he have to live for? His daughter, Abbie, and grandson, yeah, but they didn’t really need him, and their presence in his life didn’t really compensate for the lost of Vivian.

However, despite his attempt to die, he lives through many gun shots, and even when someone attempts to kill him in the hospital, they fail. How? Well, Abbie sneaks in a gun and Dennis also shoots the person. Leading to Stan, and likely Dennis, heading to Sao Paulo to live out the rest of their days.

Is A Sequel Possible?

Technically yes. With Stan and Dennis now out of retirement, they could continue with what they used to do. If not, more than likely, Stan will grow attached to some kid, they get killed or kidnapped, and he’d drag Dennis into helping him rescue or avenge that person. If not Abbie going down for a visit and something happening to her, of a similar ilk, and thus we really get a Liam Neeson rip off.

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The Film Is So Bland That To Compare It To A Liam Neeson Movie Is A Compliment - 65%
If You Just Want To See A Bunch Of Shoot Outs & Hand to Hand Combat, This Is For You - 80%


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