Here and Now – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Here and Now Ending (Spoilers)

Nick (Simon Baker) trying to help Vivienne understand it's not just about you.
Nick (Simon Baker): Yeah, I know that. It’s not just about you.

Vivienne has had quite a career. She is releasing her 9th solo album, has been performing at Birdland for at least 25 years, has toured the world, but now is facing a brain tumor. However, how to tell the people she should be closest to, but has been a bit distant from, even her daughter Lucie, is a challenge. One which consumes the film.

For as she deals with her mother visiting, the tour maybe not selling how she likes, and her ex guilting her for not being consistently in Lucie’s life, she is dealing with a lot. Hence why it is so hard to think of who is really up for supporting her. Leading to her ultimately chooses her manager Ben. All the while only telling, outside Ben, Nick, her ex, and Lucie’s father, about the diagnosis. One which we don’t learn the full extent of because the scene that movie opens is also is its ending.

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