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Here and Now is a slow-moving drama which all builds up to one reveal, and doesn’t really dive deep into the thereafter.

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Here and Now is a slow-moving drama which all builds up to one reveal, and doesn’t really dive deep into the thereafter.

Director(s) Fabien Constant
Written By Laura Eason
Date Released 11/9/2018
Genre(s) Drama
Good If You Like Melancholy Dramas
Noted Cast
Vivienne Sarah Jessica Parker
Lucie Gus Birney
Ben Common
Nick Simon Baker

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Summary (Ending on 2nd Page)

Vivienne has had quite a career. She is releasing her 9th solo album, has been performing at Birdland for at least 25 years, has toured the world, but now is facing a brain tumor. However, how to tell the people she should be closest to, but has been a bit distant from, even her daughter Lucie, is a challenge. One which consumes the film.


It Builds To Its Emotional Crescendo

Simon holding Vivienne's hand.

Here and Now is what you would call a wood burning oven kind of drama. Despite the tumor reveal within its first few minutes, that isn’t the reason you’ll get emotionally invested. If anything, it’s the loneliness of watching Vivienne wander the streets. It’s taking note that, while she has loved ones, there is this sort of disconnect. The kind which, yes you can have casual and light conversation, but speaking to them about something real? Talking about a tumor which, for what you know, could be cancerous? None of her relationships are comfortable enough to speak about such openly. So it seems, the closeness is all about how long they’ve known each other vs. how much they’ve been through together.

Making the moment she does open up feel like a bit of a release for you since Vivienne’s bind over her troubles transcends onto you. Thus giving you that same release Vivienne feels.


What About Other People’s Feelings?

To put it simply, the whole film is about how Vivienne feels and that’s it. So after her big reveal, you’d probably expect her to tell more people, see their reaction, and maybe her grow closer to the people whose lives she was absent in. Be it because she was touring or other reasons. However, the ending is rather abrupt.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Purchase Or Rent On (Fandango/ Amazon)

Vivienne's (Sarah Jessica Parker) eyes
Vivienne (Sarah Jessica Parker)

I can appreciate a drama which has a slow build and I will note the crescendo of the movie got me a little teary eyed. However, after a climax there is usually a gentle descend towards the end of the movie. You know, a handling of everyone’s emotions and a nice wrap-up. Here and Now doesn’t do that. Within about 10 minutes of the movie’s high point it ends and you see credits. Leaving you with the need to say, “That’s it!?” Hence the mixed label.

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