Escape Room (2019) – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

70.2% (5)

Escape Room Ending (Spoilers)

Death Order

  1. Danny

After escaping the fire room, everyone ends up in the ice room. In that room, after finding the key to get out, everyone asks Ben for his lighter and he decides to be an ass and throw it on the ice. Danny goes for it, stands in one place too long, and goes into the water below the ice. Which, thanks to a moving current, leads to everyone being unable to find him and him drowning to death.

  1. Amanda

In the upside down room, Amanda ends up on the other side of the room with the key to get out. She tries to hop onto one of the remaining panels in the middle of the room, since the key falls out of her pocket, but then the panel falls. Luckily, before she dies, she throws the key to Jason and he catches it.

  1. Michael

In the hospital room, Jason believes that an EKG machine is the way they will get out. However, rather than believe they need to lower their heart rate to get out, he raises his and Michael’s. What kills Michael though is Jason using a defibrillator which causes Michael’s heart to stop.

  1. Jason

In this weird, psychedelically painted wall room, Jason and Ben end up inhaling some kind of drug which makes them hallucinate. This leads to Jason revealing he wasn’t so much lucky he survived but killed his college roommate when they were stranded with only one jacket between him. He tries to kill Ben in a similar manner, for the sole antidote in the room, but Ben gets him first.

Leaving Ben seemingly the only one alive, for it is assumed Zoey died due to inhaling the poison in the hospital room. However, after busting all the camera in the room, we learn she was faking her death in order to get a jump on those who controlled the game. Something which saves Ben for while he figures out a way to survive the game, one of the overseers tries to kill him soon after. However, Zoey helps him get free and Ben, with the gun Zoey got from one of the cleanup crew members, kills that guy.

Leaving Ben trying to move on but Zoey stuck in trying to get justice. Leading her to learn Minos’ headquarters is in Manhattan. Thus she gets tickets for her and Ben which the Gamemaster learns about and even makes a game specifically for those two during their plane ride. Giving us an idea of how the sequel would start.

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