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Escape Room (2019) - Title Card

Escape Room (2019) – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

While Escape Room inspires memories of SaW, it accomplishes much of what SaW originally did while being PG-13.
Title card for HBO's Insecure.

Insecure: Season 3 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

In season 3, Issa finally has real stable growth as Molly continues to seem stagnant. But, when it comes to their friend group, they’re dealing with growing pains of a different kind. Network HBO Creator Issa Rae Noted Cast Molly Yvonne...
A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. title card.

A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

A Boy. A Girl. A Dream is a likable love story but, if not a fan of Trump, it recapping the night he got elected might dampen the romance. Director(s) Qasim Basir Screenplay By Qasim Basir, Samantha Tanner Date...
The Wherever I Look logo featuring a film reel, a video game controller, old school TV set, a stage, and more done by artist Dean Nelson.

Tribeca Film Festival 2018 Selection

Interested in what will be covered from the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival? Well, check out below. Though nearly a month away, the schedule for the Tribeca Film Festival 2018 is up, alongside their ticket package...

Insecure: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Insecure as Fuck" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with...

Overview Whether you were an Awkward Black Girl fan or the marketing for this show got your interest peaked, welcome the next series which shows TV is way ahead of the game when it comes...