Title Card for Christmas With A View

Christmas With A View Ending (Spoilers)

Clara and Shane kissing.

After a failed attempt at running her own restaurant in Chicago, Clara returns home to run a restaurant for a man named Hugh Peters. Someone who seems nice, maybe even a love interest, but then comes Shane. He is a celebrity chef, on a 6 month contract, who is kind of smitten with Clara. What can Clara say? Hardworking and charming are attractive qualities. But, with both being co-workers, Hugh her boss, no matter the time, attention, also expensive gifts, so comes the question of who is really worth spending Christmas, possibly a life, with?

The answer is Shane for, unlike Hugh, who is a bit of a snake, Shane is a good guy. I’m talking so good that he buys from Jackie and Frank, who Clara worked with as a teen, their hotel for her. Giving her the opportunity to run her own business and excel. With those two staying on and him, as both a cook and investor, being involved as well.

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  1. The movie is just okay, but there was one thing that stood out, at least for me: the lead actress was very cute. No Christmas movie has a sexy lead, which is understandable and appropriate, the films are about romance not sex. They’re usually average looking women which is fine. Kaitlyn Leeb isn’t too sexy but she is cute as a button and really adorable.

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