Title Card - The Degenerates Ms. Pat

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Within 19 minutes, you get a real and raw taste of who Ms. Pat is, and she makes it clear her story can’t be surmised in a short set.

Directed By Jeff Tomsic
Written By Ms. Pat
Aired (Netflix) 12/31/2019
Genre(s) Stand Up Comedy
Noted Cast
Herself Ms. Pat

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Summary

Ms. Pat is from inner-city Atlanta, and while the 47 years old is far removed from that environment, she is who she is. She is a grandma who still likes to have sex, is raising crack babies, and had quite a childhood. One that included sex work, seeing people fight, and so much more.



The Taste You Are Given Is Not Enough – 90

Disclaimer: I’ve seen Ms. Pat live and read her book, so nothing she said was new to me. In fact, she gave us the short and sweet version. But with that said, even though she didn’t tell the most outrageous stories and jokes she could, like about the bullet fragment that is in her breast, there is just enough given to make you do a double-take and want more. I’m talking beyond just an hour but her long-overdue show that has been spoken about for YEARS!

On The Fence

Consistently Addressing The white People In The Room – 76

Ms. Pat addressing a white woman in the audience.
Ms. Pat: Buckle up, white b****.

Like in her live set, Ms. Pat likes to address the white people in the room. This, to a point, is funny due to the fact Ms. Pat is a bit outrageous and what she speaks on is the underbelly of what it is like growing up in the hood. The kind of things suburban white people, which seems to be how she sees her audience, would never expect. So between dealing with their shock, them appearing appalled, or silent, Ms. Pat picks with them, tries to relax them, and it does become unfortunate after a while. For as much as you get it is a gag, it makes you wonder how would her set be if the room wasn’t filled with white people and she was performing in an urban area where her stories weren’t so foreign?


Met Expectations – 80

As noted, I knew the jokes and the material, as well as the larger story noted in Ms. Pat’s book “Rabbit.” So while the taping met expectations, I won’t say it was a riot.

Would Watch Again? – 75

It’s one and done. Ms. Pat is funny but there is something about the initial shock which is required for her jokes to hit. So after you know some of the messed up things that has happened to her or she will say, the jokes lost their luster a bit.

Rating: Positive (Watch This)

Consider this a quick get to know me vs. a comedy special. For what little bit you get out of Ms. Pat is really but a taste of a much larger story that can be seen as tragic, but Ms. Pat finds a way to make it funny.

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The Taste You Are Given Is Not Enough - 90%
Consistently Addressing The white People In The Room - 76%
Met Expectations - 80%
Would Watch Again? - 75%


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