In this post, you will find a collection of quotes from the OWN program Queen Sugar. I hope you enjoy the quotes that were collected.

Season 3

Don’t lead with the fear of what might be, lead with the strength of who you are.
— Episode 1 “A Rock, A River, A Tree”

“For the first time in my life, I feel like I didn’t have to justify my presence.”
— Episode 2 “Of Their Sojourn Here”

“Black girl magic is hard work.”
— Episode 2 “Of Their Sojourn Here”

“I will not be sidelined, sidetracked, or sidestepped. Or put in a damn corner and told to wait my turn. Not another day.”
— Episode 2 “Of Their Sojourn Here”

The world’s not perfect. You know that. So, I don’t know why we expect our solutions to be.
— Episode 3 “Your Distant Destiny”

Black folks ain’t got no time for writer’s block. Too much to say and not enough time to say it.
— Episode 4 “No Haven in My Shadow”

“She made the most of a life she was talked into.”
— Episode 5 “A Little Lower Than Angels”

Surviving and dreaming are two separate things
— Episode 6 “Delicate and Strangely Made”.

The realities of having it all means you got to figure out how to balance it all.
— Episode 6 “Delicate and Strangely Made”

She’s my soul mate. I can’t help what package it comes in or what date is stamped on it.
– Hollywood – Episode 7 “Study War No More”

If they can’t respect our history. They can’t have our history.
— Episode 8 “Come, Clad in Peace”

Folks like us, we get so used to working all our lives just getting by that we don’t know what to do when getting by ain’t our everyday no more.
– Violet – Episode 9 “The Tree and the Stone Were One”

“We can’t control results. But we can be clear about our intentions.”
— Nova – Episode 11 “Your Passages Have Been Paid”

For you, surviving is taking this picture, instead of being in it.
— KJ – Episode 12 “The Horizon Leans Forward”

You’re deliberately trying to break something so that later you can say you fixed it.
— Remy – Episode 12 “The Horizon Leans Forward”

“Love grows from humble hearts.”
— Episode 13 “From On The Pulse Of Morning”

“You are good, kind, safe, and so perfectly flawed that even your jagged parts fit mine just right.”
— Episode 13 “From On The Pulse Of Morning”

“I have learned the difference between a love that liberates and a love that feels like it’s always been free.”
— Episode 13 “From On The Pulse Of Morning”

Season 2

Remaining silent when one must speak is the slow death of freedom.
— Episode 3 “What Do I Care For Morning”

My mother always said when someone invites you to a new room, make sure you show up. Don’t go as someone else.
— Episode 3 “What Do I Care For Morning”

God did not mold you to be no peacekeeper.
— Episode 5 “Caroling Dusk”

[…] I’m trying to be somebody else now and it’s hard. I had a lot of years practicing being me.
— Episode 5 “Caroling Dusk”

Fear is a rite of passage for us […]. Question is, how do you use it to make yourself smarter and better.
— Episode 5 “Caroling Dusk”

I’m just dealing with what is, not with how I want things to be.
— Episode 7 “I Know My Soul”

[…] when you find something good in this world, you’d best hold on. With love, not desperation.
— Episode 8 “Freedom’s Plow”

One of the most important things a woman can control is her own story.
— Episode 8 “Freedom’s Plow”

I believe in forever and I want you in mine.
— Episode 13 “Heritage”

It seems when you’re black, living in fear is just good common sense.
— Episode 14 “On These I Stand”

Maybe you see history. All I see is hate.
— Episode 14 “On These I Stand”

Marred by challenges but exalted by triumph.
— Episode 16 “Dream Variations”

Hurt fuels me. I don’t let it sit and fester, I let it drive me. I let it save me.
— Episode 16 “Dream Variations”

Dreams are funny things. They morph and reshape in an instant.
— Episode 16 “Dream Variations”

If you set after doing something and learn a lesson on the way, even if you lose, it’s still a victory.
— Episode 16 “Dream Variations”

Rumors usually start with a seed of truth.
— Episode 16 “Dream Variations”

Season 1

[…] you can’t be wasting time when you are where you want to be.
—           “Evergreen.” Queen Sugar

You never wanted a relationship you just wanted company.
—           “By Any Means.” Queen Sugar

Either you don’t understand or you don’t trust.
—           “By Any Means.” Queen Sugar

Only way to make a man feel happy is to make him feel useful.
—           “In No Uncertain Terms.” Queen Sugar

I’m certain, not hard-headed. There is a big difference.
—           “Where With All.” Queen Sugar


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