In this post, you’ll find quotes and .gifs collected or made during the month of August 2019.

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In this post, you’ll find quotes and .gifs collected or made during the month of August 2019.

I’m running my business, and minding my business.
— Liza Koshy

I’ve never known a country so invested in protecting its abusers.
— Marianne Williamson (Quoting a Tweet She Read | Breakfast Club Interview)

Black Women OWN the Conversation

“Who am I good enough for?”
— Audience Member

“I can’t grow if you don’t show me who I am.”
— Kym Whitley

“You enter a space the way you want to be perceived.”
— Stacey Abrams

“There has not been what I am. Therefore, I am going to be what I am.”
— Stacey Abrams

Texturism is to hair as colorism is to skin.
— Interview Participant

I get that there’s a way that we should do certain things, but there should be no judgment when it’s done.
— Monica

A processed head is not the sign of a processed mind.
— Stacey Abrams

Our hair does not tell a story that we don’t want told.
— Stacey Abrams

We should not only have the right to choose, but we should have as many choices as we can imagine.
— Stacey Abrams

I walk with my head up because I have not a reason to walk with it down.
— Audience Member

I think I’m going to be a work in progress until the day I’m not progressing.
— Ryan Michelle Bathe

Babies don’t save marriages, they just prolong bad marriages.
— Audience Member

Instead of saying “What’s Wrong with me?” we [need to] begin to ask the question, “What happened to me and how do I begin to heal that?”
— California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

The environment dramatically changes the odds.
— California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Any moment is an opportunity, and you are a living example of it.
— California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

When you are nurtured by others, and when you nurture yourself, when you do that self-care, that’s when we break the intergenerational cycle.
— California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Many people think that if it doesn’t leave scars on you, it’s not damaging.
— California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

The shepherd uses the rod to guide the sheep, not to beat the sheep.
— Audience Member

We take a quick cop-out when we beat our children or whip them, because it’s easier to give them a five-minute whipping and you’re done. But if you take the time to spend with that child and explain to them and talk to them, they’ll be much better children.
— Audience Member

Self-care isn’t selfish.
— California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

David Makes Man: Season 1

“He wasn’t where I was from. He was worried where I was going.”
— David

Sweetbitter: Season 2

Caring isn’t pretentious. Apathy is.
— Tess

The Rook: Season 1

I need to figure out who I am away from the people who expect me to be who I was.
— Myfanwy

The fun moments are just recycled, watered-down versions of things that have happened before.
— Howard

Pose: Season 2

Own your choices.
— Manhattan

If they don’t grow strong enough to rebel, to reject you, to move away, then you’re not raising men and women. You’re creating parasites.
— Elektra

If you choose to be a mother, you choose to shape the world.
— Elektra

“You shouldn’t have to die to know what peace feels like.”
— Pray Tell

Queen Sugar: Season 4

Your feelings are real, it don’t mean they’re always the truth.
— Deesha

Things don’t go away just because you ignore them.
— Aunt Vi

“You have to face your fears if you’re gonna be authentic.”
— Nova

Black Love: Season 3

“Listen, I don’t know what this is going to be, but I just wanted to let you know right now that I’m willing.”
— Terry Crews

“She was single, but she wasn’t available.”
— Mike and Egypt


“[Motherhood] That sinking feeling that, as you child is growing up, that you’re being broken up with, on a gradual but daily basis.”
— Gillian

“‘Mother’ is not just a noun, it’s a verb. It requires action.”
— Helen

“You taught me there is room in every story for a better ending.”
— Matt

Dear White People: Season 3

You can only study something so long before you get to wondering if you can actually do it.
— Moses

You know, the secret of social media is that people always pretend to be happy about the things with which they are most insecure.
— Rashid

I feel like I’m always chasing […] and the faster I run, the further I am.
— Brooke

I f***ing hate being judged on my demographics.
— Sam

Soon, the unyielding manipulations of your best efforts by talentless overlords will form a callus over the joy and passion you once had for writing.
— A Person

Realistic is for the ordinary.
— Coco

The only way to win, is to outwork them.
— Penelope

I want equality, f*** tolerance.
— A Person

If you disagree […] because he’s wrong, that’s one thing. But if you’re just going to object because he’s right and you resent it, there’s the door.
— Moses

Sometimes advising means intervening, and sometimes it means staying out of the way.
— Moses

I don’t want someone to write for. I want something to write for.
— Brooke

Get community where you can.
— Michael

[…] sometimes the things you resist are just the things you need.
— Reggie

[…] you are surrounded by allies the minute you decide to be.
— Professor Jerry Skylar

[…] the First Amendment affords the press rights and privileges that don’t disappear because things may become inconvenient.
— Brooke

I was going to drink away a bad day, but now I’m going to celebrate a good one.
— D’unte

How can you miss someone you’ve barely even noticed?
— Rashid

If you ever loved anything, the world will make you angry.
— Sam

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