Collected Quotes & .Gifs For The Month: April 2018

In this post you’ll find the quotes and .gifs collected over the month of April 2018.

Best Of

“A lot of this generation want hits, I want history.”
Tracy Morgan (Desus & Mero)

“We shouldn’t be necessarily trying to obtain justice, we should be trying to obtain a change in legislation.”
— Charlamagne Tha God

“Were you sheltered or were you silenced?”
— “Broken Reality: Hazel E.” Iyanla: Fix My Life

“When you name the demons in your life, then you can eradicate them. But before you name them, they can haunt you forever.”
— Keke Palmer (Source: Breakfast Club Interview)

“If you got the details together, the big picture will always come out right.”
— “Beychella” The Read – Crissle

“I don’t like people seeing me in progress.”
— Leah on the Offbeat (228)

The Rest

And in that moment—for a split second— I feel it. How short that is. How soon everything changes. It’s strange, because good-byes are a thing I can understand intellectually, but they almost never feel real. Which makes it hard to brace for impact. I don’t know how to miss people when they’re standing right in front of me.
— Leah on the Offbeat (97)

You’ve got to stop […] Burning everything to the ground whenever something goes wrong. […] I want you to let things be imperfect. […] you have to leth that go. Embrace the suck. Let your guts hang out a little.
— Leah on the Offbeat (128)

It’s as if someone unhooked my brain from my body. I’m here, but I’m not here. Smiling like it’s a reflex. Nodding without knowing why.
— Leah on the Offbeat (193)

I don’t get how people walk through life with all their windows wide open.
— Leah on the Offbeat (169)

“Imagine going about your day knowing someone’s carrying you in their mind. That has to be the best part of being in love—the feeling of having a home in someone else’s brain.”
— “Page 43” Leah on the Offbeat

“We gotta get back to wanting more respect than attention.”
— Charlamagne Tha God

“Just because you aged, doesn’t mean you developed.”
— “Sisters with secrets” Iyanla Fix My Life

“I have rage, but I’m not a fighter.”
— “Side Effects of Being an Only Child.” Small Doses

“That doesn’t change you being my first love, but you can’t be my last.”
— Star: Season 2/ Episode 13 “Forward (E)Motion”

“Being a little bougie means that you know exactly what you want.”
— Star: Season 2/ Episode 13 “Forward (E)Motion”


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