These are the collected quotes for the month of November 2018.

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These are the collected quotes for the month of November 2018.

Best Of

I done lost a lot of fights, but I never had one when I didn’t try.
— D.L. Hughley (The Breakfast Club)

You’re never the right woman for the wrong man.
— Michelle Williams (The Breakfast Club)

In order to be understood, you got to understand.
— Tracy Morgan (The Breakfast Club)

“We need to make friends with our own wounds, or we will be tempted to despise the wounded.”
— Sarah Silverman

“It’s nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.”
— Tichina Arnold | BUILD Series

That’s the problem of having a great love. The “Pretty Good” ones don’t stand a chance.
— Gramps – The Holiday Calendar

Justice is not about striking down evil, but making people aware that evil exists in the world.
— Goblin Slayer S1e5

[…] some people seem to function to show you what isn’t right for you and others show you exactly what is.
— Joe | You: S1e9

A book is far greater than most hands it passes through.
— Joe | You: S1e9

I don’t actually like that [aggressive] side of me. I like the intention behind it, but I don’t like the way I’m coming at it, like a fighter.
— Leah – Red Table Talk s1e13

My therapist, she said, “You’re missing something. You just need to find out what you’re missing.” Just in those moments, just ask yourself or ask the person that’s saying these things or antagonizing you, “I’m sorry, what are we missing here? What do you think I don’t understand?”
— Leah – Red Table Talk s1e13

[…] if you don’t see yourself represented outside of yourself, you just feel fucking invisible.
— Latin History for Morons

[…] before I confront others, I gotta learn how to confront myself.
— Latin History for Morons

I murder beefs like I’m a carnivore and you a vegan.
— Star | Star s3e6

Prejudice is the emotional commitment to ignorance.
— Adrienne | Red Table Talk: Season 1/ Episode 14

Put “should-ing” on a shelf. It doesn’t matter what you should do, what matters is what are you going to do?
— Jane Elliot | Red Table Talk: Season 1/ Episode 14

“In this country, what we call education is actually indoctrination.”
— Jane Elliott | Red Table Talk: Season 1/ Episode 14

Worrying means you suffer twice
— Newt | Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them


A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Stacy | The Princess Switch

“If you feel like you’re in a tug of war, just drop the rope.”
— Debra. | Dirty John – s1e1

“I don’t feel like I stepped out of my comfort zone. I feel like I found it.”
— The Dangerous Woman Diaries: Episode 1

The Rest

You don’t really love someone if you are constantly trying to change them.
— Adrienne | Red Table Talk: s1e16

Surrendering doesn’t always mean defeat.
— Toni Braxton | Red Table Talk: s1e16

I don’t need suggestions, I need results.
— Tobias | Black Lightning s2e6

Poor college guys – God bless them. But they’re so busy trying to catch up on what misconduct is, they don’t even know how to go on a date.
— Blake | The New Romantic

Every relationship teaches us hard lessons, right? That’s their gift, to make us ready for the day when someone, maybe the one, walks in who could truly love us and we could truly love them.
— Joe | You: s1e10

The change was already happening in my mind, but now I’ve gotta change it in how I live.
— Adrienne | Red Table Talk: Season 1/ Episode 14

You put too much on your plate you gonna break the whole damn table.
— Miss Bruce | Star s3e6

Secrets have no place in the company of the king.
— Maxine | Greenleaf s3e11

Violence is the worst kind of communication.
— Latin History for Morons

People can show you whatever they want. But it’s how they make you feel… that counts. And how you make them feel too.
— The Holiday Calendar

Can’t get rid of no storm with thunder on your back.
— Miss Bruce | Star S3e5

Sober don’t mean selfish.
—Miss Bruce | Star S3e5

I think there is this idea that I have to denigrate you in order to elevate myself.
— D.L. Hughley (The Breakfast Club)

Sit in shit too long, it stops smelling.
— Jenifer Lewis (The Breakfast Club)

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