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A character guide for Netflix’s “I Am Not Okay With This” featuring who plays who, character descriptions, and more.

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


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Sydney (Sophia Lillis) getting a bite with her friend Dina.
Sydney (Sophia Lillis)
Played By Sophia Lillis
First Noted In Season 1 Episode 1 “Dear Diary…”

Character Introduction

17-year-old Sydney hasn’t had the most stable life. Her family moves around a lot, her dad hung himself last spring, and while she has been in Pennsylvania for two years, she isn’t happy. And with not being happy, she and her mother, Maggie, butt heads a lot. But, luckily, between her younger brother, Liam, who she nicknamed Goob, and her best friend Dina, she finds ways to let out steam.

However, between a boy named Stanley and the issues which come from trying to get through high school, Sydney’s angel is causing things to happen.

Additional Information About The Character


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