In an episode partly focused on Stanley, we meet his dad and learn about their relationship. Also, Sydney deals with the fallout from the events of the last episode.

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In an episode partly focused on Stanley, we meet his dad and learn about their relationship. Also, Sydney deals with the fallout from the events of the last episode.

Directed By Jonathan Entwistle
Written By Tripper Clancy
Aired (Netflix) 2/26/2020
Introduced This Episode
Stanley’s Dad Mark Colson

Episode Recap

Prepping To Ask The Big Question: Stanley, Stan’s Dad

Being that Sydney is Stanley’s first, in terms of sex, maybe also love, he wants to prep to ask her to homecoming for it is a big moment for them. It will make them having sex more than a hookup because she was lonely or bored. However, with Stan’s dad back, it taints things going to ask Sydney to the dance, and after he messes up his dad’s car, it leads to a black eye.

Stanley's Dad (Mark Colson) raining on Stanley's parade.
Stanley’s Dad (Mark Colson)

So, About What Happened The Other Night: Dina, Stanley, Sydney

When it comes to the kiss with Dina and Stanley seeing Sydney use her powers, neither are topics Sydney wants to talk about. Dina’s rejection is what caused her flair up and as for Stanley? Well, honestly, he is a little too close for comfort, and Sydney has no idea how to properly push him away. Especially since she just wants to shut him down romantically yet still maintain the friendship. After all, with Dina and Brad back together, and Sydney having very little interest in being a third wheel, Stanley isn’t the worst alternative.

A Come To Jesus Moment: Liam, Maggie, Sydney

But beyond her friends, Sydney also has an issue with her mom. Someone who, honestly, is the one to take things to the next level when speaking with Sydney, but let’s not pretend Sydney isn’t a brat sometimes. Her mom is a waitress trying to make enough to support a house. And while, yeah, it isn’t like Maggie has her family living in the suburbs or the city, it doesn’t mean a mortgage, two kids, food, and so much more isn’t likely kicking her ass. So her kid not wanting to help with her little brother, who is a sweetheart, would make anyone mad.

Though, from what it seems, even before the dad died Maggie and Sydney had issues. Mainly that Sydney never chose to build a relationship with her mom, and always chose her dad, stuck up for him, and kept up her rose-colored glasses for him. Thus making Maggie the bad person constantly, and she is sick of it. Not to the point of shattering Sydney’s memories of her dad, but she does tilt those glasses and reminds Sydney that her dad wasn’t who she pretends he was.

Liam trying to understand why Sydney and his mom can't get along.

And thanks to all of that commotion, Liam tries to push Sydney to make peace. For with him being bullied at school, and no friends that we’ve been made aware of, all he has is his mother and sister. So, the last thing he’d want is for when Sydney gets old enough for college, her to leave, dramatically, and travel so far the only way Liam will know she is alive is by the seldom phone call.

You’re Too Close To Cut That Deep: Sydney, Stanley

After Dina wanting to talk, and Stanley trying to push Sydney to go in-depth about her powers, Sydney is ready to just isolate herself. But, thanks to Liam, she decides to seek out Stanley and maybe test her abilities. However, the issue is, Sydney can’t use her powers unless angry or embarrassed. So what does Stanley do? Well, with a girl who he saw ripped multiple trees out of the ground, he pushes her. He calls her ugly, says she is a loser, and when that isn’t enough, he brings up her powers, her family, and then her dad. Thus leading to two bowling balls launching towards his direction and Sydney mad Stanley pushed her that far.

Sometimes I Feel Like Someone’s Watching Me: Sydney

But, in the long run, that might be a good thing. At least considering someone, who can dematerialize, seems to know Sydney is worth watching.


  1. What if Sydney’s dad didn’t commit suicide but had powers and fakes his death to protect his family? Like, Maggie mentions he’d sleep all day, maybe he was fighting crime at night?

Review/ Commentary


Stan Has Me In My Feelings

Stanley having a heart to heart with Sydney.

You know what is sad but helps make this show fun? Stanley being a good guy with a troubled home life, and him being in love with someone who is queer. It’s mean, and a bit tragic, but it seems he is learning how to be friends with a girl he has feelings for and, honestly, what Sydney needs, like most lead female characters, is more so a friend than a relationship. Since, clearly, there is way too much going on in her life to take on another person’s baggage.

Liam Wanting A Happy Family

It seems strange to me that two boys on a show focused on a female lead are the most lovable. Which isn’t to say we don’t adore Sydney and her teen angst, it is just wondering where is that angst going to be channeled into? For while her powers grow, and some stranger appears, Liam and Stan are the ones who have some kind of emotional story to invest into.

I mean, granted, Sydney lost her dad and has fights with her mom, but she had Dina and now has Stanley. Who does Liam have? Yes, he loves his mom, but she works all the time, and he is recognizing, increasingly, his sister doesn’t want to be stuck with him and may come to eventually resent him. Heck, she may turn the vitriol she fires at Maggie onto him. And it is with thinking like that you focus less on what Sydney is going through and look at the supporting characters and feel bad for them.


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Liam Wanting A Happy Family - 85%
Stan Has Me In My Feelings - 86%


With a focus on Stanley and how Liam is affected by Maggie and Sydney’s arguments, the downtrend predicted for “I Am Not Okay With This” is held off, if not avoided.

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