We learn Syd isn’t the only one with a secret, and Stanley’s loyalty is tested.

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We learn Syd isn’t the only one with a secret, and Stanley’s loyalty is tested.

Directed By Jonathan Entwistle
Written By Tripper Clancy
Aired (Netflix) 2/26/2020
Introduced This Episode
Jenny Sophia Tatum

Episode Recap

Truce?: Sydney, Brad, Stanley, Dina

With Dina and Brad back together, she allows Brad to cheat on her test, and after getting caught, both get failing grades and detention. This pisses off Sydney so much she says something and gets detention. Then, to force Sydney to talk to him, Stanley causes a scene and joins them.

Leading to an awkward detention that Sydney is by no means enjoying and damn if Brad isn’t the first one there and asking for a truce for Dina’s sake. Which, without shaking hands, Sydney agrees to, but not without reservations.

I Know I’ve Been Being An Ass Butt…: Stanley, Sydney, Jenny

Jenny (Sophia Tatum) looking annoyed at the people she has to share detention with.
Jenny (Sophia Tatum)

But, as their detention assignments are handed out, and the fresh out of rehab Jenny starts picking with everyone, Sydney walks away, and when she returns, she is trying to get Stanley’s attention. Why? Well, there is a mess in the library caused by Sydney’s powers, and a security camera caught it on video. With that happening, Sydney turns to Stanley to help since explaining what happened would be hard.

When In Doubt, I Can Rely On You: Stanley, Sydney, Dina

Which is the problem when the two realize Dina is needed. How to explain needing security camera footage without Dina having to see what is done? The answer: Just say the camera caught you and Stanley having sex. Which, while it raises an eyebrow, Dina goes along with the plan needed to get the flash drive that has the video.

Your Lying, Cheating Heart: Jenny, Dina, Sydney, Brad

And with hey loyalty proven, Sydney reveals, upon overhearing Brad cheating on Dina with Jenny, twice, that Dina has been cheated on. This leads to Brad trying to save face, thinly threaten Sydney, and Jenny dare to ask if Sydney and Stanley would like to chill. Even after she was an ass to them and seemed shameless about hooking up with Brad despite knowing he had a girlfriend.

The Ghost In The Library: Stanley, Sydney

So, what caused Syd’s powers to react or just the whole library to be in disarray? Well, she can’t say. All she knows is she felt like she was being watched, it made her anxious, and she reacted. And while Stanley isn’t necessarily her favorite person, he helped despite how Sydney acted. So, while not what he may want, Stanley at least knows he is Sydney’s go-to person when supernatural stuff goes down.


  1. Anyone else thought Jenny could have become a love interest for Sydney?

Review/ Commentary


Stan The Man

Stanley reassuring Sydney.

Stan so deserves better. I get, and hope, he can become friends with Sydney, but if he isn’t able to do that, I hope he moves on. For, truly, it seems to me he would probably die for Sydney, and I really hope that isn’t his blood we see on Sydney’s clothes in the flashforward.

On The Fence

The Build To The Ghostly Reveal

As of now, there isn’t much to get excited about when it comes to Sydney’s stalker. The ghostly figure isn’t hurting anyone, isn’t hinted to be Sydney’s dad, or anyone else of note, and so while their existence is worth an eyebrow raise, it isn’t something to get giddy or overtly curious about. It is just a minor thing you hope becomes something more.

Should We Care Dina Got Cheated On?

While Dina is sweet, she isn’t much beyond Sydney’s best friend and crush. Beyond that, we don’t know anything about her. We don’t know about her home life, barely know about her interest, beyond the “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and so the investment in her only exists due to Sydney’s crush. Which makes the whole thing of her being cheated on worth hunching over. Which I hope doesn’t sound callous but, again, there has been little to no effort to make us care about this girl.

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Stan The Man - 80%
The Build To The Ghostly Reveal - 75%
Should We Care Dina Got Cheated On? - 70%


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  1. Just watched this because I love Sophia Tatum on “Riverdale”. She is an amazing, sexy girl. Yes, I would have liked to see her as a a love interest for Sydney, or Dina. Or Betty 😀

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